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World Geography Crossword Puzzle

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World Geography

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Across Down
3 The belief in only one god
4 Activities and behaviors the people often take part in
6 Adopting all of a culture's traits
7 The belief in more than one god
8 The way something is spread out or arranged over a geographic area
10 where people leave a country to live elsewhere
13 where people enter a country to live
15 the statistical study of human populations
1 The number of births per year for every 1,000 people living in a place
2 The average number of people living in an area
5 a flaw that drives someone away from a certain place
9 Children who don't survive 1 year of life
11 an area where many people share culture traits
12 how many people die each year for every 1,000 people
14 The process of moving from one place to another
16 Ethnic character, background, or affiliation.
17 people who have been forced to leave their home and can't return
18 Something that attracts a person to a certain place
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