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World OF Work Crossword Puzzle

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World of Work

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Across Down
4 the act of paying someone in another country to do part of a company's work
6 a move to a more important job in the same organization
7 a document that describes your qualifications and the jobs you have done, which you send to an employer that you want to work for (two words - leave no gap)
8 all the companies involved in a particular type of business
9 the process of producing large numbers of goods in factories (two words - leave no gap)
10 the smallest amount of money that employers are legally allowed to pay someone who works for them (two words - leave no gap)
11 the process of starting to use machines to do something that was previously done by hand
12 the amount of time someone spends at work during a day (two words - leave no gap)
13 a line of machines and workers in a factory that a product moves along while it is being built or produced (two words - leave no gap)
16 time that a parent is allowed to spend away from work to take care of his or her baby (two words - leave no gap)
18 the feeling of wanting to know or learn about something
1 the time when you leave your job and stop working, usually because you are old
2 an increase in the amount of money you earn for doing your job (two words - leave no gap)
3 time away from work because of illness (two words - leave no gap)
4 a situation in which a company employs another organization to do some of its work, rather than using its own employees to do it
5 the ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have done it many times
7 the ability to use computers effectively (two words - leave no gap)
14 someone who has a lot of knowledge, or skill in a particular subject
15 a very strong feeling about a subject
17 an organization that represents people who do a particular job (two words - leave no gap)
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