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Across Down
4 a long fictional story whose length is usually somewhere between 100 to 500 pages
5 the repetition of same sounding
6 the attitude the author wants
11 the overall mood or feeling of a work literature
12 using hints and or clues to make a guess
13 a miraculous change from one shape or form to another one
14 the general or insight about life
16 word sounds
18 the repetitive of consonant sounds in words that are close together
19 story about yourself
20 the way the characters talk
22 good guy
25 words that give non-human things characteristics
29 a poem that expresses the feelings or thoughts of a speaker rather than telling a story
33 elements such as similar characteristics images or story lines found in tales or difference culture
34 where the story told from
35 a struggle between two people
36 a story about someone's life told from another persons pov
37 a fake story
38 the time period and place
1 any way to write a poem
2 a brief story told to illustrate a point
3 a person or animal in a story
7 a group of lines
8 a reference to a statement, a person a place or an event from literature
9 conversation between two or more characters
10 the order of events in which they occur
13 an imaginative comparison between two unlike things in which one things is said to another
15 a kind of rhythmic language to express speech
17 a restaurant of a written work in which the meaning is expressed in other words
21 the repetition of vowel sounds in words that are close together
23 picture that has meanings for words
24 using like or as
26 a poem that tells a story
27 going back in time
28 the bad guy
30 series of events that make up story
31 feelings
32 language that appeals to the sense
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