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Years OF Dust Crossword Puzzle

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Years of Dust

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Across Down
4 Essential but one of the major challenges of the grassland
6 Advised NOT to live in the Great Plains.
10 Made the price of an acre $1.25
12 The River that is the natural dividing line for different types of plants and grasses that grow on the plain.
13 Gave landowners a shore of the harvest as rent
14 Natural phenomena of the Great Plains
16 Major Refugee Camp
18 This happened to the US Economy in 1929
19 The state that was not affected by the Dust Bowl
20 John Steinbeck gave this name to the road people traveled to go to California
26 Nation's Largest Landowner
27 A harvester that was used to harvest a crop by having horses pull it
28 A great treat for the family living in the Great Plains
29 The number of millions of acres farmers plowed up during the Great Plow Up
30 Who the American People blamed for their Hardships During the Great Depression
32 What you must understand before you can begin to understand the dust bowl tragedy?
33 Who dealt with the first blow to the ecology of the Great Plains?
1 Number of Americans that became jobless during the Great Depression
2 Earth/Dirt Houses
3 This farmers rented their land for hard cash
4 Natural phenomena of the Great Plains
5 One of Nature's most powerful forces that are able to shape land
7 The name given to people and children who wandered around and lived by begging and doing odd jobs
8 Happened around same time as Dust Bowl and made farmers lose their farms
9 The nickname people in California gave to the Dust Bowl Refugees
11 The name given to camps for refugees who had not job or money
12 The name of the desert people had to cross 143 miles to get into California
15 Major breakthrough in farm machinery
17 Farmers nicknames because they literally had to break open the land
21 Major breakthrough in farm machinery
22 Land was called this because it was owned by the government and not the farmers.
23 What animal would come in swarms and clear plant life by chopping down the grass until it was gone?
24 Nickname given to the shanty towns that sprang up all over American During the Great Depression
25 What the land agents 'fail' to tell the settlers of the area
31 The best time to cross the desert
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