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Zoo Animals Crossword Puzzle

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Zoo Animals

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Across Down
2 I am known as the king of the jungle. I have a mane a weigh between 250 and 550 pounds,
4 magnificent creatures, big paws, strong jaws, intelligent eyes, smart, muscled, ferocious yet caring for their pups, funny yet reserved.
8 I kinda look like an elephant but i have a big horn in the middle of my forehead.
10 Black, grizzly, brown and scary. In most kid books i live in a cave.
11 I'm nocturnal and i fly past houses at night. I hung up side in trees.
12 I'm a mammal, i have a thick hairless body, short legs and a large head. I'm found in or near lakes and rivers
17 I have 2 humps and live in the desert.
18 my fur color varies from orange-red to tawny yellow, with a lot of black stripes that have different lengths and widths. The cheeks, throat, and the insides of the ears and legs are white. The back of the ear is black with a white spot in the center.
20 They have thick, dark fur to keep them warm. They are the biggest ape.
21 I live in the ocean. I have approximately 350 teeth. I have a fin that sticks up on my back.
22 I am one of the tallest animals you would find at the zoo. I am brown and yellow and love to eat leaves off trees.
1 I have no legs. Just a long body and a head. I use my body to move to places. I am scaly and have a long tongue. I am sometimes poisonous.
2 I'm grey and i have a long trunk that helps me eat my food.
3 I'm the biggest flightless bird native to africa.
5 brown, strong, peaceful, herbivore, protective, motherly, quiet
6 I'm usually found near lakes and rivers.I'm green, scaly and have a long tail.
7 I'm very loud and have good hearing and seeing. I have long arms to swing from branch to branch.
9 They come in various sizes. There baby lives in there pouch.
13 I am a type of fish eating bird. You usually find me at or near the beach.
14 We have black backs and white bellies. Although we are birds we can't fly. We mostly live in the Antartic
15 I'm slow and i have a hard brown shell.
16 They have poor vision, but their sense of smell is great. Their coat is woolly black and white and is slightly oily to prevent water from getting to their skin
19 I am white with black strips.
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