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Art Crosswords

To view or print a Art crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Primary and Pastel Colors A mixture of blue and yellow. The color you see when the power goes out at night. A mixture of red and yellow. A common color of fire truck and fire hydrants. Color of clouds. Easy
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting. Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, engineer, scientist and one of these. Place where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked for thirteen years. Leonardo da Vinci worked for these people who were considered powerful in those days. Describes Leonardo da Vinci's parents' feelings towards him. Older Children
Picasso What influenced Picasso’s Black Period. What was Picasso's father's first occupation. At the turn of the century, where did Picasso move. when he was 14, his family moved where. in what country did Picasso die. Hard
Art of Africa type of figure placed on baskets containng relics of the dead. a full costume including a face covering. present location of Yoruba in Africa today. made with gold by the Asante's. well-known innovative artist from Yoruba. Hard
Pablo Picasso Famous Cubist and Surrealist painter.. Last name of friend who helped Picasso create Cubism.. Country where Picasso died.. Picasso's greatest influence in painting as a child was his ____________.. Period of art influenced by the suicide of a close friend of Picasso.. Older Children
Artist We Have Studied Pablo Picasso was born in what country. Van Gogh was born here. Art using American iconic images or everyday objects. The kind of architecture used in many government buildings in the USA. Artist who painted using different perspectives. Hard
Color Theory Review of color theory Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Red Yellow Orange. Colors that can't be created with other colors: red/blue/yellow. Colors in between Primary and Secondary Colors. Orange, violet and green. Big
Color Theory Reds, yellows, and oranges; reminds us of things that are cool, like ice and grass.. A means of organizing colors in a circular format.. Yellow, red, and blue; cannot be made by mixing other colors.. Green, orange, and violet; made by mixing 2 primaries together.. Lighter value of a color made by adding white.. Big
American Arts he wrote the poem 'Raven'. was created for people who thought they should leave the crazy life for a simple life. her poems weren't famous until she died. a belief that people can be risen above . started in Europe and came to the US because people started to love nature. Older Children
Ceramic Find each word ceramic ware that hasn't been fired. the process of heating the pottery to a specific temperature in order to bring about a particular change in the clay or structure. a glass-like surface coating for ceramics that is used to decorate and seal the pores of fired clay . this is the technique of building ceramic forms by rolling out coils, or ropes, of clay and joining them together with the fingers or a tool . ceramic ware that has been fired once without glaze . Hard
Color Wheel Sara Brooks Green, Purple, and Orange are ____ colors.. Blue, Red, and Yellow are ____ colors.. Blue, Green, and Purple are considered ____ colors.. Made by adding white to a color. The intensity of a color. Older Children
Art Appreciation Cave Dwellers-Realism High Renaissance artist _______ sculpted Pieta and David as well as painted Biblical frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.. Egyptian figures in paintings/carvings are standardized with male figures always _______ squares tall.. _______ architecture can be seen in the columns on buildings in America.. Romantic art focused on _______, feelings, and moods of all kinds including spirituality, imagination, mystery, and fervor.. Medieval Romanesque paintings, usually of Christian subjects, were _______ (no shadows) and somber.. Very Difficult
Claude Monet As a teenager, I painted paintings of this as I enjoyed it very much. I moved to this city at the age of four.. When my wife Alice died i took the opportunity to ______ her in her death bed. Instead of doing work, I drew____ of teachers and kids. I donated 12 of copies of this painting to the Nation of France. Hard
Claude Monet As a teenager I painted paintings of. Where did I move when I was four. I was born in this month. When my wife Alice died I took the opportunity to _____ her. What age did my first wife die at??. Hard
Ancient Greece Art this material was sometimes used to weave . jug used for gathering water. this was made my the metal workers . oil jar. jar used for storing wine and oil . Hard
The Arts one of the parts that a book is divided into . a kind of film where drawings and models move. the art of designing buildings. a male singer with a high voice. a feeling of sadness. Hard
Michelangelo Part of St Peter's Basilica in Rome that he designed.. Scene from Sistine Chapel ceiling.. Amount of years it took to finish Sistine Chapel fresco.. Age when he died. Chapel celing that Michelangelo painted.. Hard
Leonardo Da Vinci suit used for breathing underwater. gun that shoots rapid fire. transportation machine with engine and wheels. flying machine used for distance. an invention used for floating through the air. Older Children
Name That Artist Raft of the Medusa. The Gleaners. The Third-Class Carriage . Rouen Cathedral: The Portal (in sun). The Kiss. Hard
Art person shown in art. neighboring colors. green, violet, orange. add white. blue, violet, green. Hard
What color is it? grass. dirt. pumpkin. tomato. cloud. Easy
Art Studio items found in an art studio use with fingers or a brush. box of colored wax. put them on a string. ink in a stick. handle with hair at the end. Easy
Visual Art Terms A principle of design that refers to differences in elements such as color, texture, value, and shape, that as well, add excitement, drama, or interest to a work of art.. A two or three dimensional unit that is repeated to form a pattern.. A graphic organizer or picture of all the colors in a special order.. The area of an artwork which the eye is directed or the visual focal point of the work. . A line that defines the outer edge of a silhouette or the line made by the edge of an object.. Big
Art terms difference between light and dark areas. represent something. passing the media through openings in some flat sheet. adds dimension to art, feel more than just a smooth surface. opposite of horizontal. Hard
Art History diagonal arches in a vault used to partially support the roof. attached half columns. a small round window. ornamented with figures. cross from engaged columns across the nave. Hard
Art Vocabulary looking critically at artworks to find successes and weaknesses. any materials used to create a work. attempts by an artist or any human to put their mark on something, to announce their existence to the world. artwork resembles something from the natural and visual world around us, that is, the world of natural appearence. a piece of sculpture that the viewer can walk around and is intended to be viewed from all sides. Hard
Cave Art a mark made by a palm and fingers. the cave where the two bison are located. the cave where the red bull and chinese horse is located. grows on most animals. another name for rock. Older Children
Jackson Pollock Became very famous after being featured in this magazine.. He was an influential _____ painter.. Made a large ______ for Guggenheim.. Who was Lee Krasner?. Jack the Dripper.. Older Children
Art and Artist Goya worked for the king of what country?. This painter's statue of David is nude and was created around 1500.. In what period did Velazquez paint 'Las Meninas?'. What type of painting as are Diego Rivera best know? Hint: they are on walls.. 'Water Lilies' is actually 250 paintings by Monet. What type of paintings did Monet paint?. Hard
Elements and Principles of Design a closed line. . he surface quality that can be seen or felt. the feeling of unity created when all parts relate well with each other. the part of design that catches the viewer's attention. the area between and around objects. Older Children
Rene Magritte Color of Magritte's apples. Usually found in Magritte's skies. Magritte's favourite fruit. Stone animal in Magritte's painting. Drawing technique for showing space in a room. Hard
Picasso The type of composition used in 'Woman Grinding Maize'. She is one of the best known optical illusion artists. An invention that made realistic painting a thing of the past. Another word for non-representational. Refers to the brightness or dullness of a color. Teenage
Jackson Pollock Magazine. painted for Works Progress Administration's 'Federal Art Project'. Jackson Pollock was an _________ abstract expressionist painter.. new technique... ______ painting. 1956 stopped. Teenage
Colors and Clothes Use Hints to find words (down ↓ / across →) This is the color of grass, leaves and many vegetables. . This is the color you'll get if you combine white with black. . Wear this so you'll know the time. . Now, now ________ cow! . This is a different word for pants. . Older Children
Color Theory Vocabulary Use the definitions of the color theory words we have been using in class to write the term in the appropriate space. Please make all letters legible. systematic way of using the color wheel to put colors together. orange, purple, and green; created mixing two primary colors. colors that represent snow, ice, and water (green, blue, and purple). red, blue, and yellow; the bases of all other colors. non-objective, not realistic. Big
Art Glossary enclosed space having two dimansions. quality ofa surface. objects or figures are easily identified. made by mixing two primaries. bascis colors. Hard
Elements of Design use of big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles Ex: adds appeal. with radial designs the elements radiate from or swirl around in a circle or spiral path. a chart used to choose colors in desktop publishing publications . an effect applied to be a background or as the fill for an object . powerful but simple method of enhancing a publication . Hard
Art History The material, for example, marble, bronze, clay, fresco, in which an artist works; also, in painting, the vehicle, usually liquid, that carries the pigment. The quality of a surface, such as rough or shiny. The 'new' Stone Age. The person or entity that pays an artist to produce individual artworks or employs an artist on a continuing basis. In art history, both the actual area an object occupies or a building encloses, and the illusionistic representation of space in painting and sculpture. Hard
Elements of Art A two-dimensional area that is defined in some way, perhaps with an outline or solid are of color.. The way a surface feels or appears to feel if you could touch it.. The relative lightness or darkness of a work or part of a work. The amount of light relflected by a hue.. The area surrounding or within an object or shape.. The aspect of objects caused by the varying quality of reflected light.. Older Children
Art part of a brush. How something feels.. An artist who cut off part of his ear.. Another word for to look closely. A method of printing.. Teenage
ART IN MESOPOTAMIA Mesopotamians made ______________ in patterns.. Used to mold clay into pottery. Mosaics were used to tell a _____________. Pictures or symbols of an ox or a king. Carvings on buildings were an important art from in Babylonia. Adult
Leonardo Da Vinci his name. opposite of dumb. one of his paintings {It's a women}. someone who learns about science. his birth town. Teenage
Colors Around Us Write the color of each item below Pumpkin. Tomato. Road. Sidewalk. Sky. Easy
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