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Art Crosswords

To view or print a Art crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Picasso The type of composition used in 'Woman Grinding Maize'. She is one of the best known optical illusion artists. An invention that made realistic painting a thing of the past. Another word for non-representational. Refers to the brightness or dullness of a color. Teenage
Picasso What influenced Picasso’s Black Period. What was Picasso's father's first occupation. At the turn of the century, where did Picasso move. when he was 14, his family moved where. in what country did Picasso die. Hard
Primary and Pastel Colors A mixture of blue and yellow. The color you see when the power goes out at night. A mixture of red and yellow. A common color of fire truck and fire hydrants. Color of clouds. Easy
Printmaking & Portraits Formal balance where both sides of a design are a mirror image of each other. Rolling out the ink on the palette. Different levels of positive and negative space. A type of textile printing from Western Africa. The name of the people who wear an Adinkra. Big
Rene Magritte Color of Magritte's apples. Usually found in Magritte's skies. Magritte's favourite fruit. Stone animal in Magritte's painting. Drawing technique for showing space in a room. Hard
Sculpture The areas on a body where bones meet. A sculpture should be interesting to look at from ______ _______. We worked in the style of this artist, George __________. Michelangelo's famous sculpture of a boy after he slayed the giant. The natural substance made from gypsum. Older Children
The Arts one of the parts that a book is divided into . a kind of film where drawings and models move. the art of designing buildings. a male singer with a high voice. a feeling of sadness. Hard
The Elements of Art the use of areas in two-dimensional space that can be defined by edges. the perceived surface quality of a work of art. The area around the subjects. Purple, Orange and Green are ____________colors.. Shapes that cannot be named. Big
The Modern World: Arts and Literature Artistic director and choreographer of the New York City Ballet. Style of art who's artist used common objects in their pieces. Le Corbusier used this material in his building. Sounds created by computers. Style of painting after 1945 that involved a personal expression from the artist. Hard
Visual Art Terms A principle of design that refers to differences in elements such as color, texture, value, and shape, that as well, add excitement, drama, or interest to a work of art.. A two or three dimensional unit that is repeated to form a pattern.. A graphic organizer or picture of all the colors in a special order.. The area of an artwork which the eye is directed or the visual focal point of the work. . A line that defines the outer edge of a silhouette or the line made by the edge of an object.. Big
Watercolor Techniques Lifting the overly wet areas of paint off the paper.. Painting with a very small amount of wet paint.. Used when trying to brighten up and even area of color.. When watercolor is repeled by the sticker itself and creates negative space.. Watercolors slide off the waxed area when painted.. Big
What color is it? grass. dirt. pumpkin. tomato. cloud. Easy
What is Art the effect of changing placement in time. color adjecent to each other on the color wheel. a system using diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth. the colored materials used in paint, often made from finely ground minerals. the surface quality of a work, example: fine/coarse, detailed/lacking in detail. Big
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