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Books - Childrens Literature Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Childrens Literature crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Boy in the Dress What sport does Dennis play?. The name of Dennis' best friend . The name of the television show Dennis likes to watch . In which country is this story set?. The name of the magazine Dennis buys. . Big
Awesome Friendly Adventure a nice boy. were Roland lives. who Roland's saving. people who live in trash. a person with snake hair. Young Kids
Billionaire Boy Read the questions and write your answer in the squares. Job of person Joe's mum ran off with.. Joe wants one of these.. Joe''s last name.. Name of toilet paper created by Joe's dad. This is how old Joe is.. Big
The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes An unsteady balance, or swaying/moving back and forth.. When in an argument, you have a reasonable explanation. . A food/ and or drink that has a good source of nutrients and strength. An example would be food like avocados or potatoes.. When you are or someone is feeling quite upset, and in a fuss. . When you make someone feel annoyed, frustrated and/or worried.. Hard
The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth to go on holiday with the aim of relaxing. to lift up or carry up above the original position. an opening through which food is taken in and vocal sounds are emitted. when one must do something at that exact time or in that order. two groups of. Hard
Ramona Quimby frowned. annoying troublesome person. sensitivity to others. to refuse boldly. hazzy foggy. Young Kids
The Wretched Stone high-pitched sound as an expression of terror, pain or excitement. empty of people. strange or odd; unusual. used to express andger or annoyance. very unusual or remarkable. Big
Upside Down Magic Hide and Seek These opens the sunk garden. The Upside Down Magic student's new favorite song. Nory's father is the headmaster of this school. Elliot uses these to help control his flare magic. These make skunks drunk. Young Kids
House of Dies Drear Who was riding Pluto's black horse?. Where does Pluto live?. What was Pluto's last name?. What was poured all over the kitchen floor?. In what state was the House of Dies Drear?. Young Kids
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby a warm piece of clothing worn on the upper body. a sound made, crisp. not remember. crush or smash. to move quickly. Young Kids
Where the Red Fern Grows a means of causing severe punishment or suffering. to think over at length. to assemble or gather. enviously, reluctantly. staring maliciously. Young Kids
The Sign of the Beaver an old-fashioned gun, good at close range. a large, diving, fish-eating bird. to have something taken away from you. not clearly. having to do with the Pope of the Catholic church Pope. Young Kids
The Rabbit and the Turtle what you do at night. Not making noise. every time. Where the race ends. Where the race begins. Big
The Secret Zoo done with great passion and intensity and at least a hint of anger or outrage. characterized by an abundance of variety. a demonstration of being concise but comprehensive in getting information or a point across. someone who is walking near n area of automobile traffic. purpose mysterious and enigmatic. Older Children
Miles and Niles member of the Terrible Two. Principal at the school. an organization made for fun, like the Terrible Two. favorite animal. playing a joke on someone. Young Kids
The Dark Side of Nowhere Vocabulary 1 completely unreasonable. making a big show. abnormal or incomplete. exceptionally large in size. a feeling of close friendship and trust. Hard
Among the Hidden Based on the book Among the Hidden A character from among the hidden who took on a new identity. the number of people in a certain area. a room above a house. a domesticated pig. something or someone that is concealed. Older Children
A Boy Called Bat Answer the questions or fill in the blank. What day does Bat not like?. What is Bat's real name?. What animal did Bat's mom get for him?. What job did Bat's mom have?. What was Bat's older sister's name?. Young Kids
Lucky Dog Read the book to answer the questions! One of Birdie's best friends.. When you go to live with another family.. The person that interviewed Birdie for the news.. The person who gave Birdie a treasure map.. What Mr. Staker is to Grammy.. Young Kids
Diary of a Worm the planet that we live on. a book for writing daily events or feelings. to be unable to move. path next to a road or street just for walking. a lot of. Hard
Nate the Great A young boy detective. The food that Nate likes. Annie lost a . A person that solves mysteries. The big dog with big teeth. Young Kids
Dribbling Drew Complete the crossword below. another word for jump. a type of puzzle with lots of pieces. to be sent home from school and not let back!. to move up and down in water. silly and a bit crazy. Big
The Midnight Zoo a spire above a building. wrapped clothing. absence of sound. to make a high-pitched sound. occurring before something else in time. Big
Midnight Zoo Fill in using the hints. Enjoy! Who attacked the village? . Whats Wilma's favourite thing to eat? . Who bombed the train? . Why were the soldiers interested in Nicholae? . Who sent the people to bomb the town? . Young Kids
Charlotte's Web Complete this crossword about the book Charlotte's Web. There will be names of characters settings and a bit more! Good luck! The illustrator of the book.. The last name of a family.. If Wilbur got tired on a walk Fern would put him in there.. The name of Fern's uncle.. Fern's brother.. Young Kids
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street Fill in the crossword using the hints Hyacinth’s dog. The place where they get there Christmas tree every year. Lives on the second floor and teaches Paganini to do tricks. A friend on the second floor that has tons of flowers. The type of material used to construct a building. Big
Penny From Heaven Who did Penny hear saying her father was a spy. The girl who got her hand stuck in the wringer and her father passed away when she was little. Pennys favorite uncle . Pennys best friend . Penny is half this and her fathers side of the family speaks this language. Big
The Chronicles Of Narnia Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places The Faun. The Magical Land. The Youngest Of The Pevensie Children. The New King Of Narnia. The Middle Of The Pevensie Children. Hard
Alice in Wonderland Characters Head of a calf. Wonderland co-ruler. # __ playing-card gardener. Sleepy tea-time companion. Leads Alice to Wonderland. Older Children
The Honest Truth Mark's grandfather gave him something before he passed away. What was it?. An illness that Mark has. The last word for the title. Mark's best friend. Mark writes these in his notebook, hint 2: 575 syllables . Big
The Jungle Book Main Characters The Greedy, Cowardly Hunter. The Lawbreaking Monkeys. Kotick's Father and Matkah's Husband. The Man's Cub. The Muskrat. Hard
The Wind In The Willows Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places Leader of the Weasels. The Girl who helped Toad escape from Prison. Otter's Son. The Proud and Boastful. The Main Antogonists from the Wild Wood. Young Kids
Through The Dragon's Eye Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places The Source Of Pelamar. The Orange Keeper. Veeton Tracker. The Third Earthling Girl. Rock In Widge. Hard
The Girl Who Saw Lions to cut with heavy blows. a machine used to cut or shape metal. having been disgraced or discredited by the public . to give a sharp bark. a table in a Christian church where bread and wine are represented in community services. Big
New Kid The thing that Jordan Banks loves and he is really good at it.. The game Jordan plays with his other friends from his old school.. You get it every day but not on weekends.. Jordan's favorite food. . The thing you do before you make a deal.. Young Kids
Hank Zipzer Worldwide sports event. Put on a show . To suggest or refer to something . Schedule. Having a place for everything . Big
Super Spellers The opposite to negative. The knees of Rose and Chloe’s leggings are usually r——d. S——e must have done an SBD. The way Ron and Mum feel each day (Well most days) to have beautiful little people G———l. All of Mum’s groceries must be on s———. Hard
Dinosaur: A Tooth Story finding or learning something for the first time. part of the solution to a question or problem . very interesting or appealing. very old. using teeth to crush something into very small pieces. Young Kids
Original members of the Order of the Phoenix Defied Lord Voldemort three times. She was tortured and incapacitated by death eaters.. Lived at “number two, Laburnum Gardens, Clapham”. . Was killed with her whole family. . Named for a flower just like her sister, she was the favorite of two potions masters at Hogwarts. Was the uncle of Harry’s classmate Susan Bones.. Older Children
Where The Red Fern Grows Chapters 4 and 5 awful or dreadful . a type of tree. one who is in charge of a railroad station. a small, thin sharp piece of wood or glass broken off from a larger piece. a quick look at something. Very Difficult
Characters in Terabithia writer ... novels ... 'young and serious'. fastest runner ... faded cutoffs ... exciting essay. t.v. for homework ... fifth grade ... double chin. five dollars ... eldest . guitar ...Fridays after recess ... 'hippie'. Young Kids
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea Owner of Arthurs Hell.. Arthurs Mother.. He got killed by Piggy Bacon.. The boat in which Allie sailed.. The main character.. Young Kids
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH to be confuse.. a place used for scientific experiments.. to disappear suddenly from sight.. the act or process of inhabiting.. having a smooth, shiny surface or appearance.. Big
Alone on a wide wide Sea Use the hint to figure out the correct word! ______ Snarkey. Mrs. Bacon's first name. Who did Marthy and Authur work for (boat related), last name. 6th word in the book. Arthur's best friend from the boat. Older Children
Ender's Game Hint guide: Definition of a word is shown following up with a phrase used in the book 'Ender's Game' the novel Escape, either physically or mentally - 'Your parents resent you because of all the past they are trying to ________'. Disarrange or rumple - 'The monitor lady smiled very nicely and ________ his hair and said,'. The process of absorbing one cultural group into another - 'And you’re a badge of public shame, because at every step you interfere with their efforts at _________ into normal complying society'. An outline of a solid object as cast by it's shadow - 'Ender heard the hushing sound of the toilet clearing, then Peter stood _________ in the doorway'. Squeeze together tightly - 'He could feel his legs thrashing, and his hands were ________ each other'. Big
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Where the Queen lives. What season is it in Narnia. Who went into the wardrobe first. Who sneaks away to meet the queen. Queen of Narnia. Big
The Goldfish Boy something with little value or importance . a person who maintains contact or connection. a guiding or warning signal. to give out a sharp vibrating sound. affected by mania. Big
Judy Moody Saves the World falling in small drops. trash. a plan to do something. a small amount. an area that is blocked out from the sun. Young Kids
The Familiars a mixture of mud-like substances. the animal companion or spirit in the form of an animal that aids a witch or wizard. a friend, companion or partner . to move skillfully or carefully. a very large or heavy book. Big
Among the Hidden fail to operate properly . severe mentalor physical pain or suffering. withdraw, cancelled. felt around in the dark. to push forward. Hard
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