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Books - Childrens Literature Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Childrens Literature crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Horrible Harry and the Holidaze By Suzy Kline This holiday is celebrated in Spain, Latin America and other places. The author. Special clothes children wear on the Korean New Year. African hats. This color candle means the land of Africa. Very Difficult
Hardy Boys in Plane Sight What is one of the main character's name?. What is the setting of the story?. What is the name of the other Hardy boy?. Why are they stealing the airplanes?. What did the main characters find in a nearby state park?. Big
The Jungle Book Guess the answers from the clues Humans use me, animals are scared of me. Rules that the animals live by. Where the animals live. The jungle animals give these to Mowgli. Mowgli's nickname. Big
Hank the Cowdog The Dungeon of Doom Hank is supposed to keep these away from the ranch property. Drover's hide out. A place where Hank's owners want to send him. Hank's owner who wears glasses. Slims girlfriend . Young Kids
39 clues lead female charator . slammed the door when amy and dan took the clue. the main place for the first book. died and started the clue hunt. amy and dan's Au Pair. Big
Characters from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry's best friend, 2nd year student at Hogwarts . Minister of Magic, removes Hargrid. Malfoy house-elf, tries to stop Harry from going to Hogwarts. Potions teacher, does not like Harry . Herbology teacher, tries to find a mandrake that will save the petrified students. Big
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom breaks this and gets hit by Aunt Polly. he is in jail for the killing of Dr. Robinson. Huck's pirate name. has a hard time punishing Tom. escapes the courthouse through the window when he is the one found guilty. Older Children
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Has Poisonous Claws. 48 sections. The Story of the Paper of ______________. The Broken Heart of Jade Dragon. Goes to Old Man in the Moon. Older Children
Black Ships Before Troy Former husband of Helen. She offered Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. King of Troy. River in which Achilles was dipped in. Son of Priam. Hard
Elephant and Piggie Adventures What is the full title of the first Elephant and Piggie Book?. What is another word for an elephant?. Piggie says what as a cowboy?. What month is Piggie's birthday?. What month is Gerald's birthday?. Big
Touching Spirit Bear Who try's to fill out a lawsuit to have abuse charge's droped and to get custody of Cole?. Peter and Cole carve the same totem of what ? . What did Cole throw up after eating, and then took out the chunk's to eat ?. What did Peter see after beating up Cole ?. What did Cole give to Peter that Cole got from Garvey when he first got on the island ?. Teenage
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