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Books - Mystery Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Mystery crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Hound of the Baskervilles Adjective: Lacking poetic beauty. Noun: A descendant of heir. Adjective: Casual and unrestrained sexual behavior. Verb: Establish or strengthen with new evidence. Noun: Adroitness in using the hands. Hard
Sherlock Holmes To hide or cover up the truth by a form of appearance. . A sudden feeling of excitement. . To make something last. . A thin person piece or small amount of something. . A particular fact or piece of information. . Hard
Da Vinci Code Cross the letters to find clues to this amazing book about mystery and family. Robert Langdon's Profession. Where Holy Grail was hidden?. Sophie Neveu's Profession. Where is the bank?. Author's name. Big
Island of the Unknowns The name of the plant that is next to Adjacent.. The name of the mountain that is next to Adjacent.. Di, Tom, and Ham used this to make sure they were going straight.. Di has a habit of twisting this.. The month where this book started.. Hard
Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four The man who had the jewels at the start.. He is the dog that helps solve the crime.. The man who was transporting the jewels.. The man who stole the treasure.. The man who owns Toby. Hard
Sherlock Holmes: Eye Of The Crow a spot or a mark. a bright white light. perfect; without flaws or faults. to babble or to talk excessively. marked or dented. Big
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