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Home And Family Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Rooms and Other Places at Home Couch. Table. Office. Garage. Door. Hard
Safety Week State law requires you to wear this in a motor vehicle. What natural disaster requires us to go to the Centers clothing tables?. September 17 to 21 event. What is Monday's safety topic?. All homes are required to have this kind of detector. Older Children
Self Esteem Opposite of weaknesses . In a crime if your not a suspect your a V____.. When something goes wrong its called a P_____.. To be N____ and poorly treated.. To I______ someone into doing good.. Older Children
Short Story Terms The character is in conflict with the natural world. Character versus __________. The character struggles with a force outside of himself or herself.. The 'explosion' that sets the plot in motion and sets up conflict.. The state of being anxious or curious about the outcome of the story. (grade 10). The most suspenseful moment in the story.. Big
Theme Of Baby Clothes worn on feet to keep them warm. are worn when going to bed and are all in one. are worn on feet to keep them cool when walking. is tied around the neck to keep food and dribble from going on clothes. is an all in one suit. Older Children
What Baby Needs maternal parent. any grain used for food. cloth with fastener around neck to keep clothes clean while feeding baby. dry powder mixed with water that baby drinks for nourishment. small sticks with cotton ends to carefully clear out ears or nose. Very Difficult
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