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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Economics any regulation or policy that restricts international trade. making an economic exchange. government payment to encourage or protect a certain economic activity. costs of the new best alternative use of money, time or resources when one choice is made rather than another. fundamental economic problem facing all societies that results from a combination of scarce resources and people’s virtually unlimited wants. Big
Economics Loss of next best thing. Below this your are very poor. Payment to improve living standards. One benefit against another. Growth without fossil fuels. Big
Education The dominant way in which we process the information around us is considered our _________ style.. A plan of studies that includes the ways in which the instructional content is organized and presented at each grade level is called the ________.. The field of ___________ education focuses on the services and instructional practices needed by students with disabilities.. The percentage of students who fail to complete highschool or earn an equivalency degree is a _________ rate.. In most states teachers are protected by ________ statutes that define a probationary period during which a teachers performance is evaluated.. Older Children
Education The values, cultures,practices, and organization of school . A person or familys status in society (most of the time based on income). Descritption of your ideas about teaching and learning and how they influence your practice. Educating English-language learners by teaching them in their native language. teachers who have lost their motivation and desire for being effective teachers. Older Children
Education A government at national level. Authorities who rule schools at local level . School for pupils aged 6-12. School for pupils aged 12-14. What do you get when you add the points of your grades and divide them with the number of courses? . Big
Education in UK stage where are only students between 11-16 years old. What is after secondary school?. stage after preschool. The place, where the small kids can play, meet friends, but they can also learn something. What did they do after college?. Big
Egyptian Father of Tutankhamun.. The last Egyptian Queen alive.. Where a Pharaoh was buried.. It guards the great pyramids.. The eye of ...... Hard
Electrical Theory The government body that regulated elecrical workers is Energy ________.. An example of a private training provder is College of Electrical ________. Before working on any electrical equipment it must first be___________.. If the total resistance is the addition of each resistor the circuit is cinnected in ______.. A _________ tag provides personal protection.. Hard
Electricity Units measured by a voltmeter. . The charge carried by a proton. . Units measured by an ammeter.. A way of connecting components in the circuit one after another.. Electricity which can be produced on insulators by friction. . Very Difficult
Electricity Figure out the words! used for measuring the potential difference. It is equal across all components in a parallel circuit.. used to measure current. short for voltage. It is build-up of an electrical charge. Big
Elements of Drama text of the story. a struggle against an outside force. a long, uninterrupted speech delivered by a character to other characters on stage. character’s spoken words. occurs during the point of greatest tension between the characters. Hard
Emergency Plan emergency light on hand. in case of flooding. what to have on hand in case of an emergency.. medical bag. what is needed to keep up on the situation. Big
Emily Dickinson Realism stayed clear of using artificiality and made sure to avoid ________ conventions.. Emily Dickinson never joined a particular church or denomination meaning that she went against the _________ norms of the time.. How many years did Emily attend Amherst Academy?. Emily is most commonly known as a writer from the _______ era.. Where was Emily buried? Lavinia Emily's sisters name.. Big
Emotions and Characteristics Fill in the boxes of the crossword puzzle according to the hints that are given. having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone. calm and peaceful. brief and to the point. the state or quality of being tedious or boring. to make someone less angry or hostile. Hard
Enamel Only in mature enamel, perpendicular to rods . Amelogenesis not turned off after enamel crown laid down, when enamel organ continuously produces enamel over root dentin . Chemical loss of enamel . Bundles of hypocalified rods extending from DEJ into enamel . Small hypocalcified areas near the DEJ, where odontoblastic process are trapped in enamel . Hard
English Newspaper If you keep this, you keep a written account or photographs of it so that it can be referred to later. . No one opnioned her proposal.. they give a wrong or inaccurate account of what the person or situation is like. . the ideas that are talked about in a piece of writing. a strong belief in something or a very strong feeling about something. Big
English to French Directions-Use your alphabet vocabulary to fill in the puzzle in French. horse. yogurt. snake. wagon. kangaroo. Hard
Envelopes and Paper A shorter top edge and longer sides.. Light weight paper, free at pin holes and with a waxy coating.. Tracing and drawing.. Important letter with letter heads.. Second Largest Envelope.. Big
Europe Pollution Acid rain is produced when a chemical reaction that contains compounds like________ and nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere . A toxic________ flowed 900 kilometers down into the Baltic Sea. . At_______ 1, 1986, Warehouse 956 in the Sandoz Chemical company’s industrial compound near Basel, Switzerland, caught fire on the banks of the Rhine River. At the Chernobyl power plant near Pripyat, Ukrain an explosion and fire in the number ____reactor that sent radioactivity into the atmosphere.. Between __________ and fifty-six people were killed from the immediate effects. Hard
Fabric Finishes Use the clues to complete A basic finish applied that cleans the fabric. This is a finish applied to cotton fabrics to enhance its strength, absorbency, lustre and improve dyeability. Chemical or wet finishes include the use of _____, alkalis or detergents to create a durable and permanent finish. This specal finish is applied to repel absorbency of water. Mechanical or dry finishes require the application of moisture, pressure and _____ or a mechanical device to finish a fabric. Hard
Facials A lubricating cream that must be thoroughly removed for additional products to penetrate the skin is. A cream type enzyme applied to the face and rolled off the skin is a . The process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin is. Skin products that have a higher concentration of ingredients are. Dark blotches of color on the skin caused by sun exposure or hormone imbalance are know as. Big
Factors of a Market Economy the growth of a territory, such as Manifest Destiny. machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. an economic system in which economic decisions and the pricing of goods are guided solely by interactions between a country’s individual citizens and its businesses. an increase in the amount of goods and services in a nation’s economy. once institutionalized in America in mostly southern states that produced cotton as a cash crop. Big
Fallacy Please complete the following crossword about Fallacies When one tries to deflect the main focus of an argument. We can call this a Red ............. Personal Attack can also be called ........... Something has been happening a certain way for a long time, so should continue to happen in that way is called an Appeal to ....... Words that have prejudice are called ............. words. Often when an argument only has P and Q, we can call P the ............ Big
Famous Shoes look at the hints these 5's came in a pack and come in red and black. Kanye west made these popular. first 11's Jordan made. these came out in the movie back to the future. white and maroon 6's. Big
Famous Australians Post 1950 Complete puzzle below - some names are in full, while others are just a surname. Good Luck! Starred in movies like Wolverine and Les' Miserable . Famous female Australian swimmer . First Aboriginal to win a gold medal at the Olympics . Starred in Strictly Ballroom . Helped develop immunisation and vaccines . Hard
Famous Captains You Don’t Have to Captain a Ship to be a Famous Captain Always after Pan. Firefly fame. “One ping only, please.”. Good with Coke. Simply marvelous. Hard
Famous Italian People widow of Leone Ginzburg . Became Perugino's apprentice in 1504. stared in ‘The monster’ 2009. died of a heart attack on June 4 1994. died June 29 2000. Hard
Fashion a pattern in clothing that overlaps. a piece of jewerly that you where around your neck. a loose long-sleeved pullover. pants made of blue cotton. facial cosmetics. Hard
Fashion History homeless person trend. s-curve illusion. Diddy Combs style. droopy pants and do-rag style of the 90s. antifashion rebel of the 1990s. Hard
Fashion Terms a teardrop-shaped cutout. ornamental shoulder pieces. a double cuff that folds over and is fastened with Gabardine. a snug band of fabric around the chest. embossed cloth. Big
Feelings worried and anxious. confused and uncertain. happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended. extremely tired. showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person. Big
Fencing fencing tools and equipment tool used to pick out rocks from hole. This is the most important fence post in the fence line as it takes the load of the line wires and sometimes gates it is called a . Wire used in hill country with spikes.. Battens for a fence need treatment to level. Tool used for crimping, cutting wire and pulling staples.. Hard
Fibres Terms related to fibres textiles fibre made from chemicals that comes from oils and coal.. a combination of two or more fibres.. Fibres that are less than a denier thick.. fiber from animal source, such as wool and silk.. as for fibres registered as trade marks and are protected by law. Hard
Financial Literacy The date the minimum payment must be made. A lifetime journey of building and making good use of skills, knowledge, and experiences.. A yearly fee that may be charged for having a credit card. Depository institution that offers services to both consumers and businesses.. Unattended access to account using account card and PIN.. Very Difficult
Financial Literacy Using the clues below, complete the crossword puzzle to learn about some important financial terms. The process of evaluating an applicant's loan request.. A plan for using money.. A desire for something.. An assessment of the creditworthiness of a borrower.. When the interest rate is applied to the original principal and any accumulated interest.. Hard
Financial Literacy Vocabulary when products are in stock and able to be purchased easily. an amount of money subtracted from a bank account balance. paper money and coins. an amount of money that a lender or business allows a person to use to purchase goods and services with a promise to repay the money, usually with interest. a table for recording information about checks written on a bank account. Big
Fingerprint Analysis Bimoetric identification methdology that uses digital imaging technique to obtain, store and analyze fingerprints . Synthethic material; made from wide range of organic polymers that can be molded into shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form. Pattern of a fingerprint that resembles the Greek letter. Chemical used to detect ammonia or primary and secondary animes. Oldest method for revealing latent fingerprints . Hard
Fingerprints least common and simplest fingerprint patterm. Herschel introduced fingerprinting as a means of identifying __________. a latent print can be _________ with a fine powder. silver nitrate reacts with salt to form __________. second layer of skin. Hard
First Aid and Emergency Procedures people tend to panic in this situation . the thing people do when they are ill or hungover . when an object gets lodged in your throat . another word for scratch . medical care given to someone for injuries or illness . Big
Flowers the part of the flower that makes pollen. plant that has clam shaped leaves lined with bristles. It traps insects. the enlarged part of the stamen. vitamin that carnivorous plants are looking for in insects. pole shaped part of the stamen. Hard
Forensics DNA can link a person to this location. Blood type that does contain B agglutinogens. database that can be used to find matches for fingerprints found at a crime scene. Blood type that contains A and B agglutinogens. people with type AB blood are called universal ____, because they can receive blood from anyone. Big
Fossil Fuels Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and ozone in the atmosphere which are involved in the greenhouse effect. A nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy. Thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Flammable gas, consisting largely of methane and other hydrocarbons, occurring naturally underground (often in association with petroleum) and used as fuel. A natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. Big
Free Enterprise Capitalism schooling, jobs, what to buy, sell etc. better, cheaper, more products, Incentive to invent. dollar value of all goods, services & structures, produced w/in a country in 12 month period. private citizens own & use the factors of production to make products & profits. daily adjustment in prices, adjusts industry. Big
Fuels The colour of a flame when incomplete combustion is occurring. . This fuel is in the form of a gas. . Another word for burning. . One of the products of incomplete combustion. . Helicopters and jets run on this fuel. . Adult
Fun & Factual Fungi A popular, edible parasitic mushroom, growing in clumps (common name).. The genus of a common coral type of fungi that tastes like lobster. . The Japanese know this yummy mushroom as maitake (four words). . An identifying feature of Suillus mushrooms (aka Slippery Jacks). . A way to preserve mushrooms. . Hard
Gadgets I use it playing with my video games. I use the whatsapp with it. I can see my friend when I am in front of my computer with my..... I listen to music . I only listen to music with them. Big
Garden Tools a place where plants grow. Mum cut off the long branches. equipment used in the garden. used to water plants. we dug holes in the ground with this. Easy
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