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1905 Russian Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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1905 Russian revolution

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Across Down
2 Nicholas' role in Russian society
4 When parts of the navy refuse to follow orders
5 Where the Potemkin mutineers landed and continued to riot
6 The name of the Russia secret police
7 The industrial workers complained that these were too low
8 Part of the new social democrat party that believed revolution should come sooner rather than later
12 The system in which Russia was run under the Romanovs
13 When a strike across different industries is coordinated (1905)
14 The upper class in Russia
17 Who led the Bloody Sunday March?
18 Part of the new social democrat party that believed a revolution would come eventually
19 Peter -------- sent to repress the strikers
1 The political leaning who wanted changes to the Russian Constitution
3 The political leanning which wanted the workers to take control in Russian society
9 What the Tsar agreed to sign to give concessions to his people
10 Peasants were affected by this when crops did not grow
11 Who lost the Russo Japanese war?
15 What is a soviet?
16 The elected governments set up to approve laws from 1905
19 The St Petersburg ----- formed to organise resistance in St Petersburg
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