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War History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
1905 Russian revolution The industrial workers complained that these were too low. Who led the Bloody Sunday March?. The elected governments set up to approve laws from 1905. The system in which Russia was run under the Romanovs. Peter -------- sent to repress the strikers . Hard
Aftermath of WWI ________ broadcasts brought sporting events to national audiences. developer of the first mass-produced automobile and the assembly line. the government and media used fear to convince the people communism was on the rise. fear of communism created the ________ __________; anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, etc.,. combined with western music instruments and techniques. Big
Canadian Soldiers Liberate the Netherlands Date in which Canada entered WW11.. The Canadian front spread out from Nijmegen to ________.. Which army was formed of 170,000 men overseas, and won back the river?. Canadians allied with the ___________ and ________ to fight the first full-scale invasion of Europe. . Germany’s first target.. Hard
End of World War I The name of the laws that took away rights of Jewish people. The Nazi Symbol. The town in which the first concentration camp was set up in 1933. The name of Hitler's book. The city in which the German democratic government was formed after World War I. Big
Japan In World War II complete the puzzle using hints Japan attacked this location. America overtook parts of Japan in WW2 this is called. A part of the japanese technology and combat arms A small bomb thrown by hand or launched mechanically. 124th Emperor of Japan. Emperor of Japan 1926–89. The largest city on the island of Kyushu in Japan.. Older Children
Post American War small group of writers and artists, in the 1950s and early 1960s, who were critical of American society. increase in births between 1945 and 1964. dividing line between North and South Korea. name given to the region of states in the South and the Southwest. congressional committee that investigated possible subversive activities within the United States. Hard
The Aftermath of WWI Complete the crossword below. Popular author during the times of Harlem Renaissance, used rhythms of African American music to write poems. Wrote poems and novels about black pride. . Working class and lower classes of society, wanted more wage from rich. . The effect of Communism, an uprise of industrial workers wanting/demanding higher wages. . Originated in South. First true American music, famous musicians of the genre: Louis Armstrong, King Oliver. . Influential Jazz musician who was a trumpet player, singer, and comedia. Older Children
Vietnam War Part 1 On October 10, 1973, Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew resigned and was replaced by. Gerald R. Ford is the nation’s only _________________________President . US Citizens that favored the war in Vietnam were called_______________________________. US Commander William Westmoreland’s strategy for defeating the Vietcong was called________________. President Nixon’s purpose for bombing raids into Cambodia was to destroy Vietcong. Big
Vietnam War Part 2 On June 17, 1972 members of Nixon’s campaign re-election inner circle broke into the___________________. The Administration at the University of California-Berkeley was accused of destroying student’s __________. There were over 2000 ______________________________to end the Vietnam Conflict . The division of US Soldiers involved in the My Lai Massacre were members of the ______________division. During raids from December 18 to December 30th, the United States dropped____________ tons of bombs. Big
War in Iraq and Conflict at Home The Bush Administration falsely reported that Iraq had ________________ of mass destruction that threatened the United States.. The _______________ were a fundamentalist Islamic religious group that ruled Afghanistan with an iron hand and denied rights to women.. It was hard for the military to recruit ____________ for the war since many did not see a reason for it.. Hundreds of ______________ of Iraqis died in the war.. Protesters demonstrated against anti-immigration laws with slogans like, 'No Human Being is __________.'. Very Difficult
World War I The principles making up President Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace following WW1. Heir to the Austrian throne. A truce, or agreement to end an armed conflict. A law, enacted in 1917, that required men to register for military service. 2 laws, enacted in 1917 & 1918, that imposed harsh penalties on anyone interfering with or speaking against the U.S. participation in WW1. Hard
World War I Not a member of the Triple Entente.. Declared war on Russia.One of the five trends of WWI.. One of the three countries which was part of the Triple Alliance.. This battle was the first to see the use of chemical weapons.. This man's death set off a chair reaction which lead to the outbreak of WWI.. Big
World War II A victory for the United States over the Japanese in a 1942 naval battle that was a turning point of World War II.. June 6, 1944, the day the Allies invaded France during World War II.. A 1941 law that allowed the United States to ship arms and supplies, without immediate payment,to nations fighting the Axis powers.. The hiring of Mexicans to preform much needed labor during WWII.. Passed in 1941, this bill provided educational and economic help to the veterans.. Hard
World War II Leader of England. U.S. Commander in the Pacific. June 6th, 1944. Nazi secret police. President of United States at beginning of War. Teenage
World War Two The Japanese commander of the navel fleet.. The Two decisions, to step up bombing in Germany,and to attack Sicily, were made at this conference.. Okinawa and __________ were the two key Japanese islands captured by the US in Feb and June of 1945.. This order prevented discrimination on the basis of race or creed for government or defense jobs. This city was liberated from the Germans on Aug 25, 1944.. Hard
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