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1960s Retro Crossword Puzzle

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1960s Retro

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Across Down
3 Navy pilot shot down over North Vietnam
4 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See' illustrator
6 Stripped of hisboxing world championship for refusing to be inducted into the US Army
10 Top TV show 1966-1967 season
13 Board game released in 1967
15 Car and Driver's magazine Reader's Choice for Best Sports Sedan
16 First African-America justice named to the Supreme Court
17 Prime Minister of India
18 Sailed around the world single-handed in his Gipsy Moth
19 Unitarian Minister murdered in 1965 while demonstrating in Selma
20 Site of 1964 Winter Games
24 Oscar Winner
25 Leslie Hornby
26 Barclay's Bank of London was the first to put this device into service
27 This rock musical what 'chopped' by the Village Voice
29 The Pope
31 These 'lighthouses of the universe' were discovered in 1967
1 Interracial marriage was declared constitutional by the SCOTUS in a case brought against this state
2 This country tested its first hydrogen bomb in 1967
4 NBA Champions
5 Type of shoe
7 MLB Pitcher
8 The Graduate's favorite lady
9 Hairstyling guru of the 60s
11 Cool Hand Luke
12 Judy Collins album reached #5 on Billboard Top Album Chart
14 Love Hurts
18 1967 Tony Award winner for Best Musical
21 Name of month that Otis Redding recorded (Sittin' On) the 'Dock of the Bay'
22 He performed the world's first heart transplant
23 Late 60s daredevil
28 Title of the 1967 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, 'The...
30 'An Evening with God'
32 Introduces instruction manuals with its sets
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