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Music Crosswords

To view or print a Music crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
'Singer and Rapper' 'Dive in'. 'Started from the bottom now we here'. 'Touchn you'. 'Sosa'. 'Trust and Believe'. Hard
1960s Retro Cool Hand Luke. The Graduate's favorite lady. First African-America justice named to the Supreme Court. MLB Pitcher . Name of month that Otis Redding recorded (Sittin' On) the 'Dock of the Bay'. Very Difficult
1970's Rock and Roll History Lots of black, leather, combat boots, __________, and safety pins earrings.. Easy Bake ________. New York _______. 'The hardest working man in show business'. Average cost was $1.50. Big
20th Century Music Also known as 'Father of Impressionism'.. it contains unique or original elements, or it explores unusual fusions of different genres.. is the term generally used to describe music composed between the abandonment of tonality at the conclusion of the Romantic period and Arnold Schoenberg's creation of twelve-tone composition.. a waltz with a frightening undertone that had been compossed for ballet, a composition of Joseph Ravel.. In which composers sought to return to aesthetic precepts associated with the broadly defined concept of 'classicism', namely order, balance, clarity, economy, and emotional restraint.. Hard
African Music Read the clues and fill in the answers. When a soloist sings a passage and a larger group responds. Name of the West african drum commonly used in drum circles. Another word for seed pod - often used to make musical instruments. many different rhythms played at the same time. a combination of long and short note values that create a pattern.. Big
All About Gershwin He sang his songs, first name was Frank (What's his last name?). Geshwin's Folk Opera. George. While visiting Paris, George wrote 'An American in . Judy (what's her last name?). Hard
All About Opera! How much do you know about Opera? An introductory piece of music to the Opera. A female voice of the low range. A person who writes the music. A sung speech that describes some thought, action, or emotion. A female voice of the highest pitched vocal range. Hard
Australian Music Revision Crossword Puzzle famous aerophone instrument played by men only.. Aboriginal ceremony involving singing and dancing.. a long held note usually in the bass. upper notes created above a low fundamental bass note. instruments with a stretched membrane. Hard
Backstreet Boys The year they started. What month was the album black and blue released. Place where the Band formed. This member played the guitar. This member played the bass guitar. Older Children
Band circular flat sheet of steel in percussion. When you are ______ you pull out. to articulate a note with emphasis in music (greater than sign). When you are _________ you push in. piece of steel brass players buzz into. Very Difficult
Beatles first recorded single in 1962, composed by Lennon and McCartney (Unterberger). original member of the Quarry Men joined in 1957 (“Beatles”), collaborated with John Lennon and George Harrison to become the Beatles, singer, guitarist (Unterberger). nickname for the members of the Beatles: John, Paul, George, and Ringo (Unterberger). third to join the Quarrymen (“Beatles”), guitarist, “recorded several songs such as “He’s So Fine” is labeled as his most acclaimed record”, died in 2001 ('George Harrison”). drummer, replaced Pete Best (Unterberger). Teenage
Beethoven famous composer. a clef. a style of musical composition. when you can't hear. where beethoven was born. Older Children
Beethoven he composed 1 of these. this person had a large impact on is life. he composed 32 of these. he was this 'G' word. where he was born. Older Children
Benefits of Music After reading the provided worksheet, go over these questions. Music has been proven to help with the following sleep disorder. Music may help us in releasing muscle ______.. Music may help individuals in recovery who have experienced _________.. Music may help your learning and _______.. Research proves that listening to music helps release this 'feel good' neurotransmitter. Big
Benny Goodman His orchestra's drummer: Gene _________. His band was the first to play at this historic Hall. He had two daughters named Rachel and _____________. Born and raised in this city. He was extrodinary on this instrument. Big
Bob Dylan 'But _________ musta had the highway blues' (from Visions of Johanna). 'Sweet ________ the peasants call her the goddess of gloom'. 'Is _________ sweeping up on desolation row'. Bob's father was a semi professional ________ player. Bob's younger brother name. Big
Bon Jovi Their most recognizable song. Album, that won their first grammy award. The man behind the keyboards. The number of awards they have won. The singers birth name. Big
Bruno Mars crossword what instrument does he play? . What is his eye color?. How many tattoos does he have?. how old is he ?. what was his new song?. Big
Butler Band to articulate a note with emphasis in music (greater than sign) . fourth period ________ band. family of instruments not typically in band (plural). degree of loudness or softness of music. Silence. Big
Carrie Underwood Carrie auditioned here for american idol. She grew up in a Small town. Many young girls looked up to her. Was released in 2005 . Carrie loved this more than singing. Big
Children's Songs Frere Jacques. Do You Know The Number?. Georgie Porgie. Go In And Out The Window. Eensie Weensie Spider. Big
Childrens Verse They helped the shoemaker. Peter Piper picked them. Where Mary's Bluebells are found. Green and Yellow container. He lived in the Dell. Big
Choir A lip _____ is when we buzz our lips (and it's a silly warm up!). The four articulators are tongue, teeth, jaw and _____.. A song that sounds creepy/dark is _____.. If you love to sing, you should always be in the ____!. A song that sounds bright/happy is ____.. Older Children
Christmas Carols 'in the bleak mid_______'. 'See the blazing _____ before us'. 'And ______ and nature sing'. 'Oh ______ of wonder'. 'Little ______'. Big
Christmas Songs The second word is a ding and a dong. This was falling for Shakin' Stevens. This group wished it could be Christmas everyday. In the bleak.... I believe in........ Christmas. Big
Clarinet Famous cartoon character who plays the clarinet. Where you blow on. Where the inventor lives. The inventor. The inventor's son. Older Children
Classic Songs and Classic Bands Name the band or artist by using the song clue stairway to heaven. born in the usa. yesterday. I cant get no satisfaction. Bohemian Rhapsody. Big
Classical Era Known as 'papa of the symphony'. A piece for solo instrument accompanied by the orchestra. German composer who composed some of the finest music when he was deaf. A person who performs alone. Another great classical composer and a child prodigy. Hard
Classical Period Haydn's 94th symphony is called _______ because the second movement included a loud chord that would wake up listeners who would fall asleep at concerts. Wolfgang ________ Mozart. The name of a keyboard instrument that was later shortened to just 'piano'. The Age of ______________. Johann Christian, or Carl Philipp Emanuel. Big
Country Music Instrument often used in cowboy songs. John Denver sings a song about a certain state. Which state?. Who sings Dust in the Wind?. Patsy's Cline's hit song that was actually written by Willie Nelson. Hank Williams pick-up line: 'Hey __________'. Big
Country music artists Finding music artists by linking them to their songs titles 'What hurts the most'. 'Live like you were dying'. 'Need you now'. 'Jesus take the wheel'. 'If i die young'. Older Children
Country music artists Finding music artists by linking them to their songs titles 'Redneck Paradise'. 'What hurts the most'. 'Live like you were dying'. 'You and tequila'. 'Little red wagon'. Hard
Disney Song NAME THAT SONG! With tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings! - Mr. Banks (Mary Poppins). Tale as old as time.True as it can be, barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.- Mrs. Potts. The rainstorm and the river are my brothers. The heron and the otter are my friends; And we are all connected to each other In a circle, in a hoop, that never ends!-Pocahontas. It's glory they'll gimme! My dear friend, King 'Jimmy' will probably build me a shrine... When all of the gold is MINE!- Governor Radcliffe (Pocahontas) . So prepare for a chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for sensational news! A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, and where do we feature? Just listen to teacher- Scar & the Hyenas (The Lion King). Hard
Disney Song Write down the Disney movie that contains the song lyrics. The second star to the right.... Some day my prince will come.... Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!. Mother knows best. Listen to your mother, it's a scary world out there.... You've got a friend in me.... Hard
Dixieland Jazz Place where Dixieland jazz originated. Dixieland was similar to marching military bands with driving rhythms and powerful _________.. The __________ section kept the harmony going. front line instrument. Popularity died off in 1930's with the start of this type of jazz. Big
Do You Know Your Michael Jackson Complete Crossword for Michael Jackson Songs Basketball star Michael Jordan in this video where Jordan Dances and Jackson Dunks. This was Michael Jackson's most popular and scariest song. Jackson admitted to having had two ____ jobs. His sister. #1 HIt 'Don't Stop Til You Get ______'. Big
Ed Sheeran What is his favorite toy to play with?. What Country was he born in?. What word does he have tattooed on his arm?. What are Ed's fans are called. Who is his favorite rapper?. Teenage
Elements of Music material that produces sound itself. concordant harmonious tones that are stable and or relaxing. degree of loudness or softness of music. 3 part form based on statement, contrast or departure, and repetition ABA. highest of lowest note. Hard
Elements of Music Write the correct vocabulary word in the crossword for each definition. The syllables of a scale that we sing, often using hand signs.. A form of music with the pattern in which the first and last sections are the same and the middle section is different.. how loud or soft the music is sung or played.. High or low musical tones based upon vibrations.. The tone color of an instrument's sound, or how bright or rich the sound is.. Older Children
Elements of Music One of the main themes in a sonata. Different notes and different rhythm. The inverse of a Fifth. Key. Louds and softs. Hard
Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald's music career launched during?. What did Ella die from?. How many Grammys did Ella win?. What type of music is Ella known for singing?. A form of singing that tries to mimic the sound of an instrument. Older Children
Elvis Presley Who did Elvis give his money to he made from the service . What country did elvis meet his life in. Elvis first movie. Elvis Nickname. Elvis middle name. Older Children
Enjoying Music Someone who plays music.. A kind of music which has distorted sounds and angry yelling.. The main instrument in many kinds of music, with six strings.. The instrument with many parts which keeps the rhythm of band.. Someone who writes music.. Hard
Ever After father's wife. a ceremonial chair. currency. public space. position in group or society. Hard
Exploring Music Awareness What musical sign is the end of a piece of music?. How can I legally download music from the internet?. This is the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family of instruments.. What do we call a song that is recognized by the country's government as it's official song?. What continent influenced American hip hop rhythms?. Big
Famous Blues Singers and Musicians Write the name of the blues legend that belongs to the 'Hint' Early Delta blues pioneer. Paved the way for many early blues musicians. Had hits like 'Sweet Home Chicago' and 'Crossroad Blues'. . Known as 'The Mother of the Blues' as she was one of the first female blues singers in the 1920's.. Known as the 'Queen of the Blues'. Had a rough but loud vocal, Discovered during the Chicago blues era of the 1950's.. 15 time Grammy Award guitarist and singer. Known for 'The Thrill Is Gone', Career covered over 50 years of singing/playing with his guitar 'Lucille'. Memphis-blues era to present day.. Texas bluesman of the 1980's during the blues 'rebirth'. Known for hits such as 'Texas Flood', 'Pride and Joy', 'Scuttle Buttin'. Died in helicopter crash. . Big
Film Music when one note SLIDES to another . how loud or quiet the music is. a key that is sad sounding. a key that is happy sounding. a fancy term for background music . Big
Flamenco Music The percussive downward action to create chords on a guitar.. Finger tapping on the body of the guitar results in a p - - - - - - - - - style suited to dancing.. How many strings on an acoustic guitar?. The part of the guitar that tightens or loosens the strings. Known as machine heads or ?. using fingers to pluck melodies is known as what kind of device?. Big
Folk Music 'The ____________ Spangled Banner'. 'John _______________ '. Instrument often heard in Cowboy songs. Sad songs sung by slaves. '_______________ Doodle'. Teenage
George Gershwin This song made George famous all over the world. In An American in Paris, George used real _________.. Next to playing piano, this was the thing that George liked to do.. He wrote words for George's songs.. This type of music was very popular and was invented by African-American musicians. . Older Children
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