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Advanced Baking Crossword Puzzle

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Advanced Baking

              1               2                
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Across Down
5 these contains shortening in their batter
6 these do not contain shortening in their batter
9 these are fresh, dried or candied fruit coated in cooked sugar, fondant or chocolate
10 these are dry and crisp cookies that are not filled
11 it gives specific taste to the cake
12 these are bite size cakes with a thin glaze
13 hot syrup is slowly poured in a continuous strem
14 are large uneven-sized air bubbles
15 these are combination of shortened and unshortened cakes
18 flour & shortening are placed in a mixing bowl & blended together
19 it makes the cakes tender, retains moisture
1 it gives proper volume to the cake
2 white will stand in peaks but will bend over
3 this may be milk, water, juice . it serves as a medium for dissolving solid ingredients
4 these gives volume to the cake, gives rich flavor and color and makes the cake tender
5 all ingredients are placed in a mixing bowl
7 it sweetens cake, makes it tender, gives darker color to the cake crust & retains moisture
8 these are miniature cookies, tartlets and cakes
16 shortening and sugar are creamed together to a certain degree of lightness
17 it makes up the basic structure of cakes
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