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Aggression: What Makes US Hurt Others%3f Crossword Puzzle

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Aggression: What Makes Us Hurt Others?

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Across Down
3 Portrays many aspects of life unrealistically.
6 Males have more of this hormone that some believe is linked to aggression.
9 A key factor in aggression that activates a motive to harm others or objects.
10 This aggression is aimed at achieving a goal.
11 Neurotransmitter that plays a role in the regulation of aggressive behavior.
13 An action that is intended to cause harm to another person who does not want to be harmed.
14 Due to the lack of negative consequences for violence on television, children will ________ the behavior.
1 Model of aggression; ________ neoassociation theory.
2 This aggression is motivated solely by a desire to hurt others.
4 Many believe that aggression is learned through this type of learning.
5 Physical harm to children that can cause later aggression.
7 Disease, the person has difficulty controlling their behavior and repeats actions. (abbreviation)
8 Is related to the development of several brain abnormalities.
12 Influences many of our ideas about the world.
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