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Mental Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Aggression: What Makes Us Hurt Others? Disease, the person has difficulty controlling their behavior and repeats actions. (abbreviation). An action that is intended to cause harm to another person who does not want to be harmed.. Portrays many aspects of life unrealistically.. Influences many of our ideas about the world.. Many believe that aggression is learned through this type of learning.. Adult
All about Alcohol I am a person. I help addicts avoid negative consequences due to his or her behavior. (benlinga). I am a disease, but not like the others. I cause a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior. (mcohollisa). I am a disease. I turn healthy liver tissue into scar tissue. (horriissc). I occur when you drink to much, or to often, or at an inappropriate time. (lcohoa buase). I am very complex. I am a set of physical and mental defects that affect the fetus due to mothers consumption of alcohol. (ltaef coholla drmyoesn). Adult
Anger Fill in the blanks. If someone makes you mad, the best thing to do is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .. Use your imagination and think about a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ place.. When you have angry feelings, find someone you can talk to so you can express _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.. When I have angry _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , it helps to talk about them. . If you find yourself getting mad about something over and over again, get some _ _ _ _ _ _ from a grown-up.. Big
Anger Management Definitions Relevent to Anger Management! unhappiness or sadness caused by someone's words or actions. the catalyst for an illness, symptom, or episode. This may not be the underlying cause of the illness, rather it is what elicits it. behavior that is intended to cause harm or injury to another person or damage to property. things that set people off or make them angry. feeling or emotion that ranges from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. Big
Antisocial Personality Disorder belligerent, mordant, rancorous, vicious, malignant, brutal,and resentful.. American Psychiatrist who studied psychopathy.. Suggested five subtypes to ASPD.. feeling intentionally denied and deprived.. developed Schema Therapy. Hard
Behaviour Terminology produced, occurring, or existing within a species or between individuals of a single species. attributing human characteristics or emotions to animals . is any social behaviour related to fighting. the observer records the occurrence and duration of every behaviour. is any grooming behaviour performed by an animal on its own body. Hard
Bipolar Disorder psychotherapy, hospitalization, medications . Bipolar Disorder is formerly known as?. ____ American adults have Bipolar Disorder.. An organization for Bipolar Disorder.. She was diagnosted with Bipolar Disorder.. Hard
Building Healthy Relationships third step in the Bradshaw Accountability Model. past history effect on the way you see the world. first part of the 3 P's that tells why. invisible guidelines that help to direct your choices. a statement that shapes your reality. Big
Causes of Stress sad mood, loneliness, crying at times. a place where one studies and/or earns an education. your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. physical wellbeing. the break-up of a marriage. Older Children
Classical Conditioning - Underlying Processes A theory of classical conditioning that proposes that the CS acts as a substitute for the US. . A theory of classical conditioning that proposes that a given US can support only so much conditioning and that this amount of conditioning must be distributed among the various CSs available. . A model of conditioning in which a CS that has been repeatedly associated with the primary response (a-process) to a US will eventually come to elicit a compensatory response (b-process). . A behavioral treatment for phobias that involves prolonged exposure to a feared stimulus, thereby providing maximal opportunity for the conditioned fear response to be extinguished. . The decrease in the conditioned response that occurs when two separately conditioned CSs are combined into a compound stimulus for further pairings with the US. . Adult
Cognition an example of a type of concept around which other similar concepts are organized. the ability to use information to get along in life and become successful. concepts that are defined by specific rules or features. type of thinking in which a problem is seen as only having one answer. concepts people form as a result of their experiences in the real world. Hard
Cognitive Psychology A puzzle utilizing terminology in the cognitive subfield of psychology The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings is called ________________. ______________ is the usage of thought or rational judgement.. The concept that refers to how we actively process specific information in our environment ais called ______________. The process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues is called ______________. __________ _________ memory is a system for permanently storing, managing, and retrieving information for later use. . Big
Coping Methods replace something with something different. say it's somebody other than your fault. excuses rather than admit. turn negative emotions to positive. can't remember something. Big
Coping with Stress belief. ease. insane. feeling. technique. Hard
Death and Dying, Human Needs, Anorexia and Bulimia way of dealing with unpleasant situations. achieving full potential. complication of anorexia. oxygen is this kind of need. expert on death and dying. Teenage
Depression Your ______ cycle can be affected by depression and medications.. One of the three neurotransmitters involved in depression - involved in fight or flight response. Another symptom of depression is a loss of ________ in activities that you normally enjoy.. General term for medications used to treat depression and anxiety . In addition to medications, what is also important in treating anxiety and depression? . Big
Duck's Phase Model The stage where the two partners confront each other on the relationship (6). In this stage, the potential breakup is made public and pacts are formed (6). A term used by La Gaipa (1982), each partner seeks to maintain this by blaming anything but themselves for the breakup (6,6). Number of distinct phases in relationship breakdown (4). A point at which a partner's perception of the relationship changes (9). Hard
Eating Concerns Assistance by someone trained to guide someone through their issues. Obesity percentages for this age group has increased dramatically over the years. Compulsive eating, unable to stop even when full. A lack or loss of appetite for food. Fearful of gaining weight. Contributing factor; people compare themselves to the people in magazines, online, or on TV. Teenage
Emotional feeling low, depressed. feeling happy, excited. easily broken, easily hurt. pretty, handsome in a special sort of way. split apart, end a relationship. Big
Emotions I was very __________ when I played outside today.. j __ __ __ o u s. w __ __ __ __ __ d. i __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ d. c __ __ __ __ __ e d. Older Children
Emotions When you feel this way, you might cause a little bit of trouble. The opposite of guilty. This is a feeling and a man's name. Many people feel this when they do not have coffee in the morning. You feel this when you have nothing to do. Hard
Emotions If a crocodile is near you all of a sudden, you are __________. The opposite of afraid. If you love someone and they love you, you are ______. If soldiers are killed in a war, the families are ____. If you wrote an exam well, but your mark is low, you are ______. Easy
Ethics, and Social Psychology group in which the condition under study is absent. the arithmetic average. in a study, a variable that is manipulated by the researcher. the difference between the largest and smallest number. the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. Teenage
Feelings It feels like I am all alone on this world, I feel .... Really angry!. To look at something with fixed eyes for a long time. I always know what she is going to do next, she is .... My hands are sweaty and my legs are shaking, I am .... Older Children
General Psychology ___________environment consists of the fluids that surrounds the cell and influence their growth and development.. Three to six year old is known as _____________.. These are called XY zygote. _______________. To the philosophers, psychology is the study of the ____________.. These are called XX zygote. _______________. Hard
Grow Your Intelligence excellent sportsman or woman. something you lift to make your arms strong. תוֹצָאָה. lots of different paths joined together. repeat something to get better at it. Hard
Healthy Relationship Qualities The act of openly communicating with someone. Having the same relation toward another person. Approval; favor. Reliance on integrity, truth, strength and ability of someone or something. The state of being different. Older Children
Healthy Self Esteem You do this when you are happy. Be --------- with your decisions and judgements. The opposite of weaknesses. Self esteem is how much you ----- yourself. ----- from your mistakes. Older Children
History of Psycology study of the effects of drugs on thought and behavior. the Greek term for soul or mind . believed that parents and children should not physically touch. thought cocaine was a miracle drug. the origin of psyche. Very Difficult
How Does Sleep Affect Mental Health? sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. mental disorder which is characterised by the frequent and sharp mood changes. _______ sleep issues early is important for protecting both physical and mental well-being. ADHD – attention-deficit _______ disorder. the scientists suppose that the best way to fight depression is to _______ it. Big
Identify Emotions Self Awareness not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions. extremely angry. easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung. free from anxiety or responsibility. deny someone access. Big
In Harmony with Yourself Having or showing a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair. A person who has a quality of rage that makes them ready to attack other people. Unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped. Easily upset or offended. Someone who likes to meet and spend time with other people. Big
Intro to Psychology the process of understanding oneself more completely and being aware of issues affecting one's life; self _____. the branch of psychology which focuses on society and it's impact on the individual. an assumption about behavior tested through scientific research. the process of learning new behaviors or responses as a result of their consequences. the branch of psychology which focuses on physical, emotional, cognitive, and social changes that occur over a lifetime. Hard
Intro to Psychology There is no fundamental division between the mind and the body.. Latin word for soul.. Focuses on how the brain creates emotions, memories, and sensory experiences.. Father of modern-day psychology.. Focuses on how our behaviors are influenced by genetics and our ancestors.. Big
Managing Stress showing sorrow or grief. the abilit to bounce back from adversity. type of stressor like an illness or a disability. the stage of grief with closure. type of stressor that involves the way you think. Teenage
Measuring Intelligence The mental abilities to adapt to and shape the environment. A ratio of mental age divided by chronological age, multiplied by 100. The process of establishing uniform procedures for administering a test and for interpreting its scores. The degree to which a test yields consistent results. A test that predicts a person's capacity for learning. Teenage
Memory holds information before its stored or forgotten. can't remember early year events. general knowledge for recall. recalling memory information. initial recording of sensory information. Hard
Memory new information gets in way of old. portion of LTM that stores general facts & info (much like a dictionary/encyclopedia). a limited capacity involved in the conscious processing of information that briefly stores items up to 30 seconds. self doubt is a which leads to anxiety and in turn interferes with ones ability to retrieve info from memory. ability to remember words & sounds. Very Difficult
Mental and Emotional Health Terminology the achievement of one's full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.. a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.. criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions . the act of a person who mourns; sorrowing or lamentation.. the state of being depressed.. Hard
Mental Disorder A pattern of behavior in which the rights of others or basic social rules are violated.. A prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness.. The act of intentionally taking one's own life.. Sudden, unexplained feelings of terror.. A disorder that is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct and complex identities or personality states each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time.. Hard
Mental Factors It refers to the state of mental preparedness for participation in an activity. Approach to develop decision making. When you imagine yourself carrying out your performance. an action or process of choosing a preferred option or course of action from a set of alternatives. Method of gathing data for Level of Arousal. Hard
Mental Health Demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship between one variable and another.. Studies the causes, treatment, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders.. Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis.. Scientific procedures that involve systematically observing behavior in order to describe the relationship among behaviors and events.. The founder of psychology.. Teenage
Mental Health Issues affect disorder involving long-lasting, intense sadness. killing oneself. a false belief. a distorted idea about a person or even that is not real. refusing to think about something that upsets you. Teenage
Mental Health Recovery A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. . Recovery builds on people’s strengths.. Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system.. Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.. Recovery isn’t a step-by-step process but one based on continual growth, occasional setbacks and learning from experience.. Very Difficult
Mental Illness cutting, burning are examples of_____. feeling meaning doing something & getting caught. one name for feeling really sad, depressed-what is my diagnosis. talking one's own life with own hands. My illness is about hearing voices, & I am paranoid. Teenage
Motives & Emotions tendancy to seek out stimulatingand novel experiences. fleeting facial expressions that last only a fraction of a second. goal-directed activities that energize and direct behavior. the people toward whom our attention or motives are directed.. (SWB) preponderance of positive thoughts and feelings about ones life.. Older Children
Personality Adjectives showing no fear of dangerous or difficult situations. making sure that people behave well and not allowing them to break any rules. making you smile or laugh. an attractive man. always liking and supporting someone or something. Older Children
Personality Adjectives a person who tells the truth. a person who feels very pleased and happy about something . a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or angry. a person who is intelligent. a person who often changes from happy to unhappy quickly. Hard
Personality Disorders Grandiosity, need for admiration, lack of empathy. . Instability in interpersonal relationships and self- image. . Disregard for the rights of others.. Suspiciousness and distrust about others’ motives . Acute discomfort in close relationships; eccentricities of behavior.. Big
Phobias fear of confined places. fear of insects. fear of defecation. fear of homes. fear of the sun. Hard
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