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Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient China

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Across Down
4 A work that Confucius's pupils wrote. profoundly influenced Chinese politics and culture
7 centralized rule, expanded to present day Hong Kong constructed Great Wall Of China
8 founded Daoism
9 old dynasty-problems-new dynasty
10 built during the qin dynasty, giant structure surrounding China
13 Chinese Philosopher, came from an aristocratic family
15 rulers called upon to rule a dynasty, can be lost
16 the person that received the mandate of heaven
17 a ruler of the Qin Dynasty, called for a national census
1 an ancient trade route in the west to China in the East
2 enforced peace throughout Asia, responsible for more territory and larger population
3 followed a harsh suppression of the common people
5 way to join the imperial civil service
6 1029-258 B.C.E. dynasty that seized Yangte River, ruled with alliances
11 King gives land for more military protection
12 ancient chinese understanding on how things work
14 expanded into Korea, Indochina, and central Asia. Wu Ti was ruler at the time
18 origins dating to the Zhou Dynasty Laozi founded this philosophy
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