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Ancient Feudal Japan Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Feudal Japan

Life under the rule of the Shoguns

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Across Down
2 The city from where the Shogun ruled
3 The first capital of Japan
5 Main cereal crop grown by peasant farmers
7 A style of artistic writing adopted from China
8 The city where the Emperor lived
10 One who prepares ceremonial powdered green tea
11 Meditation, calm mind and worship of Buddha
15 Skilled craftsmen who created goods
17 Cut off from the outside world
20 Lowest class in Feudal Japan
22 Small sword to commit seppuku
24 The way of the warrior
26 Powerful Japanese warlord
1 Warriors who swore to protect and serve
2 Worshipped as the Son of Heaven
4 Warrior lords who controlled areas of land
6 American fleet commander who wants to trade with Japan
9 A tropical storm which prevents the Mongol army invasion
12 Colourful clan flag worn in battle
13 Worship of the 'kami' spirits
14 Formal style of robe worn to show honor and respect
16 The 'Eastern Capital.'
18 Important protein source in Japanese diet
19 Long battle sword to slay the enemy
21 A samurai without a master
23 Samurai helmet with horns or frightening images
25 Ritual suicide to save honor
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