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Baby Talk Crossword Puzzle

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Baby Talk

                                1           2        
                3   4                                
    5     6                                         7
                          8             9            
    14   15                                            
                    18         19                      
        21         22                                  
  25 26                 27             28                
Across Down
1 external male reproductive organ
5 sac that covers and protects the testicle
8 crying for no apparent reason
10 yellowing of a newborn skin caused by bilirubin imbalance
12 where the baby attaches and begins to grown and develop
13 first breast milk; rich in nutrients and antibodies
14 finger-like organ that pushes ovum from ovary
16 where sperm is stored
18 removal of penis foreskin
21 where conception occurs
23 female reproductive organ where sexual intercourse occurs
24 common site of male cancer
25 glands that contract to prevent urine from happening during an ejaculation
27 opening between vagina and uterus
28 vaginal 'lips'
29 a vesicle that creates the sugary fluid known as semen
1 space between the vagina and the anus
2 covering over cervix
3 cord that carries nutrients from placenta to fetus
4 where sperm is produced
6 unfertilized egg
7 tube that passes urine
9 breast-feeding
11 tube where sperm travels to unite with semen
15 tiny white bumps on a newborn
17 soft spot on a newborn's head
19 spots on dark skinned babies
20 female part that contains numerous nerve endings; causes orgasm
22 mass of blood vessels that provide nutrients for fetus
26 where female produces eggs
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