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Home And Family Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
A Great Dad Liking and caring about someone very much, especially as a result of knowing them well or for a long time. Kind, helpful, and sympathetic towards other people.. Extremely and uncritically fond of someone; adoring.. Caring more for what other people need and want rather than for what you yourself need and want.. Friendly and easy to talk to.. Easy
African Americans! African-American composer .. Was an American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. A civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King Jr.. African American leader and prominent figure .. Novelist, short story writer, poet, political activist.. Big
Afro Caribbean Family Types No sharing of residence. Both partners live in separate households.. Caribbean Families are 80%__________.?. Childrearing responsibilities are transferred from the biological parents to relatives or other family members or friends.. Women are head of households.Fathers are absent. Man and Woman legally united. Big
Antigone by Sophocles A song of praise or prayer. Engaged to Antigone. Old blind prophet. Represents Creon's rule. ________ Vs. State. Hard
Babies... Babies... Babies... babies eating apparrel. 'pap-boats' is another name for. to wrap baby tightly. babies are born without these. which month the largest sized babies are born. Big
Baby Shake this to play with baby. Give when baby is fussy. Baby sleeps in this. Put on baby when he eats. Change this when full. Easy
Baby Shake this to play with baby. Watch baby from other room with this. Give when baby is fussy. Dress baby in this. Baby sleeps in this. Big
Baby Talk breast-feeding. where conception occurs. female part that contains numerous nerve endings; causes orgasm. cord that carries nutrients from placenta to fetus. unfertilized egg. Hard
Baby's First Years A special liquid that simulate breast milk and feed babies.. A condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. To nurse a baby. A new born. . After birth a hormonal change in a women's boyd. Older Children
Bathroom Is a paste or gel used with a toothbrush to clean and maintain the health of teeth . A bowl-shaped ​device with a ​seat that you ​sit on when ​emptying the ​body waste or urine. Yhe device that controls the spray of water in a shower. An absorbent cloth for wiping and drying something wet. A brush for cleaning your teeth. Easy
Child Care newborn babies do this for 16-18 hours a day. breaks when a woman goes into labour. babies breathe this for the first time when they are born. a young child who is starting to walk. babies get from breast milk or formula. Older Children
Child Development an unborn or recently born person . a place where sick or injured people are given care or treatment and where children are often born . feeling or showing concern for other people. infant's bed. a female parent. Older Children
Child Development skills that Involve the movement of the head, body, legs, arms, and large muscles. a place where sick or injured people are given care or treatment and where children are often born. the stage that deals with how you interact with others . the stage that involves how the brain works. organ in a woman’s body in which a baby develops during pregnancy. Hard
Chores Will you ______ out the trash. Use this to dry the dishes. Take this broom and ________ the yard. Will you ___ the dishes for me?. He is ___________ the dirty dishes from the table . Older Children
Clothes vaqueros. camiseta. pantalones. falda. sombrero. Easy
Clothes and Fashion feels good to wear.. Light weight cloth you can wear on your head.. denim pants. Something which is pierced through the skin. . A shirt without sleeves. Older Children
Collars and Tops A usually small, flat close-fitting collar with rounded ends that meet at the top in the front of the garment. A wide collar, usually lace, worn to cover the shoulders over a low neckline or dress. A collar rolled back in a continuous and tapering line that extends downward across the chest and stops at the waist. A two-piece collar that forms a notch with the lapels of a garment at the seam where the collar and lapels join. A tight-fitting, often strapless, top worn as a brassiere or outer garment . Older Children
Daily chores Keeps the floor clean. This maching keeps your clothes clean. Cleaning your clothes. This machine keeps the dishes clean. Keeps the carpet clean. Older Children
Divorce Men who begin affairs before their divorce was approved. Is almost always painful to those involved. Retained the right to custody for a child after divorce until the 1800's. Money to be paid by the noncustodial parent. The first husband and wife to obtain an.... Adult
Early Childhood facilities that offer full-day children's programs. tools that are agreed upon by state boards of education with the assistance of educators in the field. refers to the full range of early childhood programs. can help parents judge program quality. covers the period from birth to nine years of age. Big
Early Childhood Hey kids! Can you help me solve this puzzle! On these you can climb. Climb, climb, climb, all the way to the top!. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.... the color of a firetruck, an apple, and a raincoat!. 3 sides and very pointy, like an icicle out in the winter!. You sit too long on this comfy place and you might fall asleep!. Young Kids
Early Childhood Children who lack a regular, fixed, or nighttime residence.. Certification that an early childhood program has met a set of professional standards.. The characteristics a child inherits genetically from parents.. Type of child care that focuses primarily on meeting the child’s physical needs.. Describing the order in which events happened. . Big
Electrical Appliances to mix food. to wash dishes. to smooth clothes. to toast bread. to take photos. Easy
Fairness and Honesty to not tell the truth is to . . .. to always act in a true and honest way is to have . . .. when you hear what others are saying, you . . . you should always be a good . . .. always treating everyone the same is being. . .. Young Kids
Family a daughter of your mother`s sister or brother is your mother`s n...... Who is for your mother the son of her sister or brother?. the parents of your parents . a girl-child . a male parent. Young Kids
Family A daughter of your brother or sister. The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on . A son of your brother or sister. A married woman . A married man. Young Kids
Family A young person who is not yet an adult ( Bambino ). The daughter of your brother or sister. Mamma. The woman who has married your father but is not your mother. The son of your brother or sister. Very Difficult
Family A woman gets married to a man who had a child before. That child is the woman's ________.. you _______ come to class. Your mom and dad get divorced. Your mom gets remarried. Her husband is your________. Your mom and dad get divorced. Your dad gets remarried. His wife is your ________. sisters and brothers are your _________. Older Children
Family your sister is your grandmother's.... your father's father is your.... your brother is your grandfather's .... your mother's brother is your .... your mother's mother is your .... Young Kids
FAMILY MEMBERS Read the clues and fill in the crossword with the correct word. the daughter of my brother. the son of my sister. the children of my uncle. the couple of my brother. the couple of my sister. Older Children
Family Members Grandma. Family. Grandpa. Mother. Brother. Easy
Family Tree the daughter of someone's aunt or uncle. the children of a son or daughter. the son of someone's aunt or uncle. the woman to whom a man is married. the man to whom a woman is married. Older Children
Family Values helping others out. being polite. believing in others. caring for others. being true to yourself. Older Children
Farm its pink and goes oink oink. you can keep the animals or tools in it. this is horses bedding. its mum is a pig. who ever lives on the farm lives in this. Young Kids
Furniture It's purple.. It's white.. It's brown.. It's silver.. It's pink.. Easy
Gentleness Definitions of gentleness. Soft, not hard or tough;. Not wild or ferocious.. Showing patience and a gentle disposition; yielding; strength under control.. To make comfortable; to calm; to flatter.. Calm; serenity; the state of harmony between people.. Older Children
Grandbaby Gender Reveal baby's estimated time of arrival. baby bottle contents. sugar and spice. bed with bars. snails and puppydog tails. Older Children
Home Appliances you can put your food inside. you can bake a cake. you can wash clothes in it. it can make your room light. you can have lunch on it. Big
Home Appliances I wash the dishes in a dish ____.. We have a microwave ____ for cookin our food.. I use a ____ to give me light.. I dry my hair with a hair ____.. winter we keep warm with a ____.. Easy
Home Fire Escape Planning ___ outside once you have exited your home. Do not re-enter.. Call 911 once ___ your home. . Be sure to know and practice more than ___ way out of your house.. ___ your escape routes during both night and day.. ___ until the fire service arrives and you are told its safe to return.. Older Children
Home Sweet Home a room used for sleeping in. where we park the car. material used for covering a roof or floor. make sure you lock it when you leave. a room where you can read, write,etc.. Hard
Homework Exact. Unfortunately. In order to get a job you apply a job ___________.. Tony Abbot has started his election ________.. Father's father. Hard
Honesty and Dishonesty Find these words To tell a deliberate untruth. A person has this if they are honesty and ethical. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Shoplifting is an example of _________. Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice. 'life's not _____'. Moderately Challenging
house we sit on it in the living-room.. we wash our clothes in it.. we put the plates and food on it in the dining-room.. we wash the dishes in it.. we wash the vegetables in it in the kitchen.. Young Kids
Household Chores When your room is a mess, you need to .... In the morning, you need to do this to your bed .... Dinner is almost ready. You must take the plates and chopsticks and ... the table.. When your clothes are dirty, you must do the .... If the floor is dirty, you must use a machine to ... the floor.. Simple
Housekeeping room with certain instructions. put up after mopping. many colors. cleaning after patient is discharged. done in OR once a week. Big
Inclusion Insights Drawing on the unique cultures, talents, and ideas of a broader group of people to build a supportive, successful workplace. Inclusion creates a supportive culture. . Extent to which employee commitment, both emotional and intellectual, exists relative to accomplishing the work, mission, and vision of the organization.. A particular set of attitudes that characterize a group of people.. Devotion or dedication, e.g. to a cause, person, or relationship.. Encourages open communication, increases trust and improves communication between all levels of employees.. Adult
Infancy and Childhood Distress that is experienced by infants when separated from their primary caregivers (pg. 234). Favoring unquestioning obedience; parents who believe in obedience for its own sake (pg. 237). The instinctual need to touch and be touched by something soft (pg. 234). The level of moral development where a person makes judgments based on conventional standards of right and wrong; Kohlberg's theory (pg. 240). The field in which psychologists study how people grow and change throughout the life span (pg. 228). Hard
Infant and Toddler Babies likes to take things BLANK. BLANK cells produced at the end of the bone. Babies will have how many bones when they're born. What will become stronger with usage of arms and legs.. At how many months will the baby be able to learn how to use their arms, and how to grab toys. Hard
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