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Bacteria And Viruses Crossword Puzzle

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Bacteria and Viruses

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Across Down
7 the M in MRSA, the antibiotic family this type of staph is resistant to
14 member of Streptococcus genus that causes fatal pneumonia in nursing homes
17 causes polio and other less serious diseases
18 the V in VRSA, the antiobitic that Staph aureus can be resistant to
19 a common retrovirus, causes fatality in AIDS
22 rabies is spread in this from an infected host
23 cannot utilize oxygen
24 cause of 2nd most common cancer in women - cervical cancer
25 spore forming anaerobes; usually lives in the soil; can cause diarrhea or gangrene
26 B acillus anthracis causes this; pathogen of herbivores esp cattle and sheep
27 rod shaped, aerobic, produce enzymes and antibiotics-Bacitracin and Polymyxin
28 gram positive pathogen that looks like clumps of grapes, pus producing bacteria
29 name derived from its shape like a wheel; causes GI misery
30 member of Streptococcus genus that is called 'flesh eating'
32 round gram positive bacteria that grow in chains not clumps
35 most common virus transmitted by mosquitoes
37 small RNS virus; most common source of human disease; three common genres
40 caused by Clostridium difficile
41 single strand RNA virus of genus Orthomyxovirus; you just got a vaccine for it
42 a major human poxvirus that is nearly eradicated
43 means inflamed liver; can be causes by viral infections, toxins, obstructions
44 active only in the presence of oxygen
45 caused by Yersinia pestis; also called the Black Death
46 also known as Norwalk Virus, a cause of the stomach flu and food poisonning
47 virus in family Rhabdoviridae, causes virulent encephalitis that is lethal
48 lethal disease that begins with a small puncture wound; caused by C tetani
1 genus to which meningitidis belongs; causes meningitis
2 a Togavirus that is not tramsiteed by an insect but by close contact
3 transmitted by rodents; causes fevers and hemorrhaigc fevers, aches, nausea
4 smallest bacteria, form filaments like fungus; can cause pneumonia
5 member of the virus family Togaviridae; transmitted by mosquitoes
6 the West ---- Virus usually causes aches, fever, nausea and perhaps a rash
8 seecond most common human pathogen found in hospitals
9 caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
10 the type of fever cause by Yellow Fever also known as black or bloody vomit
11 a bacteria that does not cause the flu, invades the blood and causes meningitis
12 childhood disease caused by Corynebacterium diptheriae
13 also causes the common cold
15 member of Pseudomonas genus, rod shape, infects only compromised people
16 severe acute respiratory syndrome, a flu like disease ending in pneumonia
19 by age 50 most people possess this type of antibody; virus is incurable
20 the main transmission route for Hepatitis C
21 family of double stranded DNA viruses; Hepatitis B is a member of this family
30 aerobic, cause opportunistic(cause disease when host is weak) infections
31 S aureus and epidermidis causes these on joint replacements that cause infections
33 type of virus that causes hand, foot and mouth disease in infants and children
34 causes Hepatitis A
36 responsible for pertussis or whooping cough a contagious disease
38 causes colds, most common human viral infection; 100 types that cause colds
39 eat dead things
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