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Health Crossword Subjects

Health Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Health Literacy Your share of the allowed amount for covered health care service. Your share is usually lower for in-network covered services. Heath care service or supplies needed to prevent, diagnose, or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease, or its symptoms, including habilitation, and that meets accepted standards of medicine.. Routine health care, including, screening, check-ups, and patient counseling, to prevent or discover illness, disease, or other health problems.. A written order from your primary care provider for you to see a specialist or get certain health care services. In many health maintenance organization (HMO’s), you need to get a referral before you can get health care services from anyone excep. AAA PPO Plan. Hard
COVID What should be done after you come into contact with someone with COVID. Head of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Affected with disease. _____-19. Vision correction. Big
Revision - Nutrition If you don't get enough fibre (roughage) in your diet, you have difficulty in passing faeces. This condition is called _____. This nutrient is found in meat, fish, eggs and legumes/beans. People who are malnourished may suffer from this disease due to a lack of protein in their diet. If you don't get enough Vitamin C, you might get this deficiency disease. This is a result of a lack of balance in the diet, either by not eating enough nutrients, or by eating too much. Big
Medical Terminology extremities. rub, friction. binding, fixation. head. suture, suturing. Hard
Going to the Gym Use the clues to complete the crossword The name given to 'feel good' chemicals that are released by the body in response to excercise. You may take these to help prevent nutrition deficiencies, they are available as tablets, capsules or powder which can be used with water. A place in the gym where you store your belongings. If you push yourself too hard you may get one of these. Static excercise for abdominal muscles, you atttempt to maintain this position for as long as possible. Hard
Nutrition builds and repairs body cells. easy to digest, gives quick energy. potatoes, rice, corn, pasta. cannot be digested. liquid at room temperature. Big
Covid-19 This storage space for food is with dried and canned goods. These people are working on a vaccine. Covid-19 is a _____. During this period everything was ____. the cure to Covid-19. Hard
Pediatric Oncology Common side effect of chemotherapy; damage to oral mucosa.. Type of chemotherapy, can never scuba dive after getting this medication.. cancer that originates in the kidney is _____ Tumor. This medication can cause urine to turn red; cell cycle nonspecific. (height in cm x weight in kg/3600) then square root. This is the patient's _____. Hard
Activities Good For Our Memory Games that are good for developing cognitive skills usually played in PCs or consoles. A game in which you have to recreate an image by putting together some pieces. That thing in our brain that makes us remember things. Something you make to remember what you have to buy in the supermarket. An strategy game, played by two people, in a black and white board. Easy
Nutrition 9. What is apart of every cell membrane? . 5. What is an important component of our cell membrane? . 3. Worst type of fat?. 1. Diverse group of organic substances that are insoluble in water . 7. What fatty acid has more than one double bond chain? . Big
Vitamins and Minerals how many water soluble vitamins are there. how many fat soluble vitamins are there. what vitamin helps protect unborn babies from spina bifida. what mineral prevents rickets in childern. what type of soluble vitamin disolves in water. Big
Sleep Expressions medical term for not being able to sleep. to sleep for a few months (some animals). informal word for sleep. sunrise. deeply asleep. Hard
Hematology Blood Cells and Clinical Applications methemoglobin is also referred as this name. capability of eosinophils. secreted by monocytes. one clinical application of hematology coupled with Hemostasis. exist in the peripheral blood for less than 8hrs after release from marrow. Hard
Hematology Represents volume or size of the average RBC. Break-up or ruptured RBCs (surrounded membrane) can produced red colored plasma. Fight bacterial infection, destroy & eliminates by means of excretory system. Also referred as 'Hemiglobin'. Used to estimate red and white cell counts. Hard
U.S Health Care Common words that are used in the healthcare system. Nation's health protection agency. The death of children under the age one one.. A period of someone life. Key to reducing death, disability, and improving the Nation's health. Illness that are the leading cause of death. Hard
U.S Health Care Branch that tracks the health of the nation and provides support to identify causes. . It is the number of deaths in children less than one year of age.. A patient health record stored in a computer database.. An average number of years of life. . Disease that progresses slowly, and reoccurs frequently.. Hard
Immune Deficiency Disorders phase when the patient develop indicator diseases with signs and symptoms of opportunistic infection. lung infection often found in AIDS patient. it is also known as common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). X-linked agammaglobulinemia is also called ________________.. secondary immunodeficiency disorder results from HIV infection which is transmitted by blood, semen and vaginal fluids. Hard
Coronavirus Information Carry a bottle of ______________ with you to use when soap and water are not available. Cough into your _____ or a tissue, not your hand. Wash your hands afterwards. Wear a ____ when you are in indoor public spaces. Wash your _____ often with hot water and soap. Keep a distance of ________ apart from others outside of your household. Older Children
Lockdown a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night.. conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease.. In public health, social distancing, also called physical distancing. a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed an infection. an object or device for producing musical sounds.. Big
Narcolepsy proteins that signal the immune system to work, study in Switzerland (2010) showed them attacking parts of the brain producing hypocretin. common sleep disorder making it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. protein produced by hypothalamus that controls sleep-wake cycles. type of disorder caused by another underlying condition. temporary muscle weakness or loss of control triggered by strong emotions. Hard
Crossword Fit Complete the crossword puzzle by answering the hint as question. 3 Minute step test. 40 meters sprint. Stick drop test. Body Mass Index. Hexagon. Big
COVID-19 Flowchart Test your knowledge on the process of an inpatient requiring testing for COVID 1. What type of illness would prompt nursing staff to initiate a COVID-19 test on an inpatient?. How can we keep the patient calm during this time?. Whose office keeps the COVID 19 starter pack?. Who can enter the room of the patient?. 2. What is the first type of PPE you would put on the patient with suspected COVID?. Big
Introduction to Pathology Clinical course which may last months to years, sometimes following an acute course.. _____________death is an irreversible state of cellular destruction.. Refers to the mechanisms and characteristics of the major types of disease processes.. Objective or observed manifestation of a disease.. A method is used to detect a specific antigen in the tissue in order to identify the type of disease.. Hard
Coronavirus Like immunities. What everyone wants that is being tested. What everyone is being told to do. What everyone in the US is stuck in. What everyone wants to buy. Big
Covid-19 A liquid used to clean your hands. When you’ve got nothing to do. Covid-19 is a type of. There was a shortage of this. What the signs on most stores now say. Hard
Skin Diseases Some answers have multiple words which are not divided with a space. Be careful Fungal. Lives in dust associated with barnyards and sheds. Caused by inhalation of dust. Viral. Extensive rash. Dangerous in childhood. Koplik's spots. Deadly . Vaccine available.. Protozoan. Vectored by the Phlebotamine sandfly. Disfigures. Some types are deadly.. Arthropod (mite) burrows into skin, lays eggs. Causes itchy red rash. Highly contagious. Eradicated. Very deadly. Caused by inhalation of virus or dried crusts of lesions. Hard
Listening: Exercise Facts or information about someone.. The action or process of carrying out an action, task, or function.. Make something happen.. Fill someone with the desire or ability to do something creative, challenging, helpful, physical, etc.. Made better.. Big
Immune Disorders 3 Example of type 3 hypersensitivity from post-streptococcal throat infection. fungus causing meningitis in AIDS. another word for dry mouth. test for exposure to TB. injected inside the skin NOT subcutaneous. Hard
Immune Disorders 2 Nature of the Rhesus factor in an infant which triggers an incompatibility reaction. CD group number involved in the MHC class I cells. One of three compounds produced by cells belonging to the MHC class III. Chromosome in which the HLA coding is located. Thyroid disease caused by a Type II hypersensitivity reaction. Hard
Immune Disorders 1 Family of white blood cells which include B cells and T cells. Another term for non-specific immunity. Nature of IgG based on its composition. Nature of IgM based on its composition. White blood cell which becomes a macrophage. Hard
Chemotherapy can cause pancreatitis . can cause hypertension and hyperglycemia. Can cause hemorrhagic cystitis. rescue drug given after methotrexate. Name of first cycle of ALL therapy. Hard
Strength and Flexibility Concepts Fill in the crossword puzzle from the lesson on strength and flexibility. Structure of a progressive weight training program. Muscles shrinking. Muscle soreness. The heart muscle. Regularly working towards fitness goals. Big
Nuclear Medicine Brief Relaxation. Follows QRS complex. Benign bone tumour derived from cartilage cells. Uptake via facilitated diffusion into cells of high glycolytic activity. Neuroendocrine cells contain this neuropeptide. Lymph node inflammation. Hard
Schizophrenia Changes in neuronal events and mechanisms that result in the characteristic symptoms of a behaviour or mental disorder.. Psychotic behaviours are ___ symptoms.. A model, which explains mental disorders as the result of an interaction between biological and environmental influences.. Refers to the extent that two or more conditions or diseases occur simultaneously in a patient.. Multiple symptoms of different kinds of schizophrenia. Hard
Bacteria and Virus Cells walls contain peptidoglycan . Help bacteria attach itself to surfaces . Used to measure viruses. A virus need this to provide it with a source of energy . A long-whip like structure that helps the cell to move. Big
A Good Night's Sleep is Important! If you choose to wear these, make sure they are soft and comfortable so you don't feel restricted.. Do as much as you can to make yourself feel this way before you get into bed. . We need this for all functions of daily life.. You need one to cover you but make sure it is not too heavy or too light otherwise you will be uncomfortable.. Eat this as early in the evening as possible; a full tummy right on bedtime can make for a poor night's sleep.. Older Children
The Immune System Destroy the antigen that is shown for destruction . An immune cell that engulfs foreign material and dead cells by phagocytosis. . Second line of defence . A epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, or around the world. . A protein molecule that can do chemical reactions in the body.. Hard
Nursing Tips Related to the heart. Dead Area. Blood thinner. Black tissue. Prefix meaning many. Big
Disorders of the Skin Deficiency in perspiration, often result of fever or certain skin diseases. Fatty layer supplies skin with oxygen and nutrients SUDORIFEROUS GLANDS Sweat. Most serious form of skin cancer; often characterized by black or dark brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged, or raised. Congenital leukoderma or absence of melanin pigment of the body, including the skin, hair, and eyes. Crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis, such as chapped hands or lips. Very Difficult
Vitamins Complete the following crossword puzzle A disease caused because of a deficiency in Thiamin. A substance which block damage done by free-radicals. Another name for Vitamin C. Animal sources of Vitamin A provide this. This vitamin is required for blood clotting. Hard
Nutrition High Density Lipoprotein. Mineral found in many foods, stored in bones and teeth, . The main sugar found in the blood and the main source of energy for your body. Building blocks of protein. The parts of fruits & vegetables is not digested. Helps move food through the digestive tract. Hard
Nail Disorders severe inflammation of the nail in which a lump of re tissue grows up from nail bed.. fungal infection of the natural nail plate.. red itchy patches of skin on the bottom of feet and/or between the toes.. bacterial inflammation of the tissues around the nail plate, causing pus,swelling and redness.. inflammation of the matrix and shedding of the nail.. Hard
Health and Skill Related Fitness produce movement from stimulus to reaction. is the range of motion around a join. ability to exert maximum force in explosive bursts. ability to control your body's position in space. amount of muscle, fat, bone, and other parts. Big
Eating Disorders Solve the Crossword Puzzle physical activity to become stronger and healthier.. The power to direct. . loss of appetite for food, and an obsessive disire to lose weight by refusing to eat.. pieces of hard, white tissue that makes up the skeletal system in a human body. . a condition of being unhealthy in your body or mind.. Big
Anxiety medium amounts of arousal and anxiety an individual experiences causes one to perform higher.. (theory) the more arousal and anxiety an individual experiences the higher their peformance. anxiety in a specific time bound. type of anxiety which goes on in your mind. sport competition anxiety test. Hard
Medical Records _____ history includes both previous & recent history info.. V_PR is the foundation of interactions amoung vets & their clients.. ____ log contains patient & owner name, patient weight, start & end times, number of intubation attemps. _____ medical records is for business and legal records.. ____ forms writen understanding between vet practice and owner.. Big
Health Literacy Experts recommend that teens get ____or more of vigorous activity each day.. – tend to raise cholesterol levels; found in most animal products such as meats, butter, cheese, and some processed products such as margarine and mayonnaise. Exercise helps people lose ____ and lower the risk of some diseases. . food that you eat when you are feeling stressed or depressed, usually unhealthy food like chocolate. nutrients that are essential for body growth, resisting infection, and keeping the body function properly; examples are vitamin A,C,D, Niacin . Hard
Skill Related Fitness How quickly you respond to a stimulus and create a response. . Is the use of both strength and speed.. Ability to control the body while a person is standing still and/or moving. . Ability to use senses and body parts to create efficient motion. . Ability to move a body part or parts quickly. . Hard
Mental Health When one feels overly sad . A positive feeling . Auditory, visual, or tactile . Lack of pleasure . A balance in all aspects of your life. Big
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