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Biopsych Crossword Puzzle

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Fill in words that best fit the blanks

5           6   7                                        
            11                         12                  
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Across Down
5 Inability to recognize objects despite otherwise satisfactory vision: Visual _______
7 Sports can aid in improving efficiency of visual detection and ________
8 Motion blindness is _______ related
9 Inability to recognize faces: _________
10 Efficiency in visual detection is determined by number of _______ connections
11 Touch pathway travels up the ________ side of the spinal cord
12 Pain axons release 2 neurotransmitters: _________ and substance P
13 Axons carrying pain information conduct impulses relatively slowly as they have little or no _________
14 Motion blindness results from damage in the middle ______ cortex and medial superior ________ cortex (hint: same word)
15 CIPA: Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with ___________
18 CIPA also results from mutation in the NKTR 1 gene, which produces ________ NKTR receptors
1 Visual evoked potentials (VEP) are initiated by brief _______
2 Ratio of rods:cones converging in the optic nerve is about _______ : one
3 Receptor essential for color vision: ________
4 Pain pathway crosses immediately to the _________ side of the spinal cord
6 Higher peak _______ was measured in athletes compared to non-athletes
8 CIPA could result from lack of _________ of periphery nerves
16 Receptor that responds to faint light: ________
17 Visual agnosia and prosopagnosia are _____ related
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