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Bread Making Crossword Puzzle

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Bread Making

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Across Down
5 _____ does not contain gluten, only a dough or batter can contain gluten
6 lean dough has very little ____ content
7 Yeast is very ________ to temperature and moisture.
8 Active dry yeast needs to be _______ by adding in lukewarm liquid before adding to the formula
9 Bran is composed of seven layers that cover and protect the _________
11 Fats and sweeteners ______ with the development of gluten
12 _______ is a type of rich dough breads
14 ______ yeast is a mixture of yeast and starch
17 _____ breads made from soft dough prepared using chemical leavening agents
18 Wheat flour contains _____ which are important for gluten-forming.
19 Water act as a ______ agent for dough mixing.
20 Many breads are leavened by ________.
1 Yeast is ______ or inactive at 2 degree Celcius
2 _____ is the tough, rubbery substance created when wheat flour is mixed with water.
3 Gluten is produced when glutenin and _____ are moistened, stirred or kneaded.
4 Rich dough has a soft crust and ______ crumb.
6 Yeast feeds on starches and sugars, converting them to carbon dioxide and ethanol during the process call ___________
10 Gluten strands are both plastic and _______
13 ______ is the process of adding gas to a dough before and during baking to produce a lighter breads.
15 Flour provides bulk and _______ to baked goods.
16 Instant dry yeast can be added _____ to the bread formula.
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