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Catholic Prayer And Spirituality Crossword Puzzle

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Catholic Prayer and Spirituality

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Across Down
1 are sacred or religious songs
7 external practices of piety that are not part of the official liturgy
10 prayer thanking God
11 prayers made up of a set or words
12 a prayer for personal needs
13 14 stations that commemorate the death of Jesus
14 prayerful reading that has 4 different steps
16 a prayer that sanctifies or makes holy, the hours of each day
18 being with God in an appreciative and thoughtful way
21 to pray with others
24 prayer of the church and is part of its public worship
25 to give God worship
28 a gesture with your hands made before most prayers
30 to go down one one knee
2 a prayer asking for God's assistance
3 the spiritual practice of living out a personal act of faith
4 represents wholeness and reminds us of our relation to the infinite
5 a set way of doing things
6 a way of communicating with God
8 an experience of being especially aware of God
9 a prayer for others
15 a series of public or private prayers over nine consecutive days
17 a sign with a deeper meaning than first seen
19 meditation in the life of Christ using beads
20 a sung verse at the beginning and end of a psalm
22 the act of reflecting on God's words
23 a prayer calling us to bless ourselves or others
26 humbly acknowledging God's greatness and ourselves as God's creatures
27 a sacred song or hymn used in Christian and Jewish practices
29 a prayer room
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