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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
5 Major Religions Who does Islam believe in?. What do Islamic people call the month in which they fast during daylight hours?. Where do Jews worship?. What is te law by which Hindus create their destiny through their words thoughts, and Actions?. What is the Judaism holy book called?. Hard
7 Sacraments What is it called when the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist?. What object in marriage represents unconditional love for each other? . How many elements are there in the sacrament of Reconciliation?. During Confirmation, who says the line 'Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit'?. During confession what do you confess to the minister?. Very Difficult
A day at Mosque Pilgrimage to Mecca. The Holiest city in Islam. Muhammads birthplace. Ferile area in the Desert. Used as a trade center. The Muslims Holy Book. The Arabic word for God. Older Children
All Saint's Day Name of our church. A leader of the church all over the world. Virtue that helps a person be brave. the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Name of our priest. Big
Amish The most important and famous hymnal used by the Amish community. The most common tradition that Amish follow. Communities of Amish who still follow traditional beliefs and practices. This is the detailed system of rules that govern daily Amish life. The interpretation of the Bible that Amish follow. Hard
Ammon, a great servant. God knows the intents of the _________________ (Alma 18:32). Was chief among the Sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:18). King Lamoni does this after he repents. (Alma 18:42). Ammon tells King Lamoni about this plan. (Alma 18:39). Lamanites did this to the creatures Ammon was watching. (Alma 17:27). Older Children
Ancient Israelites Fought Goliath and created an empire for the Israelites. Romans renamed this region ________ . Israelites (and other civilizations) borrowed an alphabet from this group. Israelites were descendants of this person. The Babylonian ___________ was a time when Jews were forced to move to Babylon. Big
Angkor Wat Khmer ___________ built an advanced irrigation system.. Angkor's gamblers loved these.. Many of Angkor's temples are devoted to this Hindu god.. This may have destroyed Imperial Angkor.. This river flows into Lake Tonle Sap.. Hard
Arguments for the Existence 0f God While beings within time and space are contingent, the Cosmological Argument posits God alone as having this quality. [9,5]. Who is the philosopher associated with advocating the Cosmological Argument? [6,7]. A written source of authority according to the BRIE diagram. [5]. The French mathematician's 'Wager' is considered to be a _______ approach to God's existence. [9]. 'Without God all is permitted', because rather than being subjective opinion, God's existence gives morality this quality. [9]. Big
Astronomy all stars begin there lives a ____________. The Milky Way (not the candy bar). Earth's twin.. very large stars. color of mars. Big
Attributes of God As the Creator, God sustains and provides for all He has made. God has no beginning and no end.. God has unlimited power, authority and influence. God always uses His knowledge to do exactly what is right. God reaches down and rescues sinners from the penalty of death and hell. Big
Baptism what you pour over the baby's head. the person who baptizes a child. what you make the sign of the cross with on the baby's forehead. the sacrament where we become children of God and members of the Church. color of the clothes you put on the baby after baptism. Older Children
Baptism A state of preparation . Be opened . A convert to Christianity receiving training in doctrine. Unmerited favor of God. Someone authorized by the church to perform acts of the beliefs. Older Children
Baptism Parents who are not your parents but it is close enough . Uhhh.. O**s fill in missing letters . The process of being welcomed into the Catholic community . Masses are held here . Some one who can baptise someone. Easy
Baptist Grove Church How well do you know your church? 8, 10, 1215. Pastor Akinbinu has been at BGC . Our Congregation. White Gloves. Baptist Grove Church is to reach, grow and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ, who live life to the fullest through growing in relationship with God, strengthening relationships with others, and bringing life to our world through service.. Very Difficult
Basics of Islam Where will the people whose Good deeds are heavier than their Bad deeds be sent?. What is the Arabic word for Oneness of Allah?. Musa (as) brought which book from Allah?. Who brought the Zabur from Allah?. What is the Arabic word for Prophethood?. Hard
Being Presbyterian At least 3 presbyteries in a geographic region . A group of Presbyterian churches in the same geographic area (e.g. Presbytery of Middle Tennessee) . The chief end of humankind is to _______ God forever (3 words). The highest governing body of the Presbyterian Church is the General ____ . The local governing body of a Presbyterian Church . Hard
Belief in Qada' and Qadar The belief that Allah created all creations, all what they possess of attributes and all their actions. The belief that nothing can occur without His permission. Perfection and completion. Evaluating and planning. Belief in Qada and Qadar is one of the pillars of_____. Adult
Body, Spirit, and Soul sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and your touch. Therefore, if anyone is in ... (2 Corinthians 5:17). The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.. Three-part, (Spirit, Soul and Body). Part of the Soul. Older Children
Book of Mormon Son of Jarom. Son of Enos. Lehi departed Jerusalem with his family to this place. Visited the Americas. A round ball used as a guide for directions based on righteousness. Hard
Book of Mormon Review This man was touched by the words of Abinadai (Mosiah 17:2). This is the pure love of Christ (Moroni 7:45,47). Who taught the 2000 Strippling Warriors to have such strong faith?. These men wrote the Book of Mormon. (Introduction to the Book of Mormon). Why did Enos pray to Heavenly Father all day and all night? (Enos 1:4). Hard
BUDDHISM Who is Siddharta Gautama?. What is the size rank in world religion?. What is the last of the 3 trainings?. One of the main locations of Buddhism.. What is the meaning of the word 'Buddhism'?. Hard
Buddhism Community of Buddhist Monks,. The effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation.. The basic right or ethical conduct Buddhist are expected to practise.. Everything is in constant flux from moment to moment. Impermanence of all things.. The teachings of the Buddha which leads to enlightenment.. Hard
Buddhism intricate sand art that is made by monks and destroyed upon completion. the steps a Buddhist must take to reach enlightnment. The core 'truths' that Buddhists accept about the world. the tree under wehich Siddhartha reached enlightnment. the dark lord who tried to prevent Siddhartha from reaching enlightnment. Hard
Buddhism Fill in the blanks or anwser the question. Do not harm or kill living things. Do not take things unless they are freely given. Lead a decent life. Do not speak unkindly or tell lies. Do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol.. Suffering is caused by cravings (desires and wants).. Celebration of buddha's birth, life, death, and enlightenment,. Prince Siddhartha was ______ at 16.. Promote good actions and prevent evil actions.. Hard
Buddhism a group of people in neighborhood. its good of it and bad of it. is the leader of a class. they achieve enlightenment through one of these arts. the word for teacher. Big
Buddhism discusses suffering. means enlightened one. Gautama was born into this caste system. founder of Buddhism. to think about pleasant thoughts. Big
Buddhist Concepts Term denoting ordinary, non-ordained Buddhists. Monastic college. Country with Therevada Buddhist tradition . Precepts. The Noble Eightfold Path. Hard
Buddhist Creation a soul being punished on it's past actions. Siddhartha guatama . language associated with buddhism. the final nirvana- the afterlife. origin of buddhism. Hard
Buddhist Festivals popular ball sport played during the animal festival. Animal festival celebrated in this month. The Buddha was born in this month. A large mammal. game of strength played with two teams. Older Children
Byzantine and Muslim Civilizations a split, particularly in a church or religion. a Muslim poet, mathematician, and astronomer. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an Arabian trading center and Muhammad's birthplace. an emperor of the Roman Empire and the founder of Constantinople. Hard
Catholic Who Jesus suffered under. The sacrament where anointing of the forehead occurs. The Sacrement where 2 people promise to devote their lives to each other. Who Jesus was conceived of. Often known as 'the final sacrament'. Big
Catholic Mass the stiff cloth placed over the patent when it is on the chalice . a saucer like disk that holds the bread that will become the body of Christ . the color worn during 'Ordinary time' . a white cloth used to clean the chalice . the cup that hold wine that becomes the blood of Christ . Hard
Catholic Prayer and Spirituality a way of communicating with God. are sacred or religious songs. external practices of piety that are not part of the official liturgy. a set way of doing things. to give God worship. Hard
Catholic Teachings a virtue given to us by God that helps us love him above all things and our neighbor as ourselves. The power that enables us to love God.. the confidence that God will always be with us, make us happy now and forever, and help us to live so that we will be with him forever. The power to trust that God will give us eternal life and all the help necessary along the way. the strength to choose to do the right thing even when that is difficult. The power that gives us courage to do what is right even when it is very difficult.. The power to respect the rights of others and give them their due.. a gift of God that helps us to believe in him. It is a personal adherence of the whole person to God, who has revealed himself to us through words and actions throughout history. The power to trust God completely and to accept as true all that God ha. Easy
Catholicism The writers of the Bible. The writing that records God's word. The leader of mass in each individual church. The holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. The first step to becoming Catholic . Older Children
Christ the Eucharist Our 7 day week is based on this story. The night Jesus had his last supper. The day Jesus rose. The day lent starts. The things that Jesus took and said 'this is my body and blood take this in memory of me. Big
Christian Fifth fruit of the spirit. I believe that God will win, victory over ________.. Fourth fruit of the spirit. The name of our production person. Seventh fruit of the spirit. Older Children
Christian Baptism Use the hints and information on the sheets to help you with the answers. the thing that washes you. the person who baptizes the child. what you put on after you've been washed. a symbol of forgiveness. what this is about. Older Children
Christian Beliefs A state of eternal happiness in the presence of God. . The act by which God made the universe in 7 days.. The act of rising from the dead.. The 3rd person of the Trinity.. A religion that believes in one God.. Big
Christian Community Alexis Pastene believes that this makes it possible to live as a disciple of Jesus.. A person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.. Ingrid Lopez wants to become a more active member of which church?. We become a ______ _____ ______ actively when we make our confirmation.. The name of the parish in Renca, which received first holy communion.. Big
Christian Themes Fallen angels. The religious leaders who opposed Jesus.. Where Christians will go after they die. The son of David who became king.. The flood story.. Very Difficult
Christianity A disciple of Jesus; help spread the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire.. Means 'of England', but is a branch of Christianity which exists in many countries. . First Christian Roman emperor . A disciple of Jesus; leader of the early Christian church. A person chosen to watch over members of the Christian church (Excl. Protestants). Big
Christianity Catholic Language of the Catholic Church.. Catholic belief that the Pope cannot make an error in matters of faith and morals. . An anointed King. The word is Christ in English.. Promoting cooperation or better understanding among different religious faiths.. The blessing listed by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount.. Hard
Christianity in the Middle Ages The great _____ was when the Eastern and Western Church split . When Christians were tortured those years were known as th age of ______. Rosarys were first given to St _______. _______ of Loyola . Catherine of Siennas feastday if the 29th of _____. Hard
Christianity in the Middle Ages When you spoke negatively about the Church you were _______________.. In the town of ______ Fr Champagnat began his ministry as a priest.. Bread and Wine is ___________.. A ________ allows refuge for women and girls.. The Eastern and Western Christian Churches _____.. Big
Christianity Protestant Another name (Christian name) of Saul.. Second book of the Gospels.. German theologian and translator of the Bible.. French protestant reformer.. Christian Holy book. . Teenage
Confucianism Who is the founder of Confucianism?. Their main ________ was 'What you do not want done to you, do not do to others.'. What is the first set of confucian scriptures?. What was the other set of Confucian scriptures called?. Which month is Taiwan's Dragon Boat Festival celebrated?. Hard
Creation Mythology Who caused the great flood to wipe the world clean?. Who was Earth-Mother?. Who was the lord of the underworld?. What was the name of the Age that was full of poverty, misery, cold weather, crop shortages and low food supplies?. Who was called a tremendous energy?. Teenage
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