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Child Development Crossword Puzzle

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Child Development

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Across Down
4 expelled during the third and final stage of labo
6 the stage that deals with how you interact with others
8 doctor specializes in pregnancy and childbirth
13 the stage that involves how the brain works
15 the act of changing either intellectually, emotionally, socially. or physically
16 The beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and ideas people develop or construct about their personality, physical skills, and mental abilities
20 the period during which a father takes time off work after a babyís birth
21 any activity that arouses a babyís sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell
25 when you get characteristics from your parents or relative through their DNA
26 taking care of small children usually for pay
27 the stage that deals with your feelings
28 skillls that Involve small body movements and small muscle coordination and control
29 a child between the ages of 0 and 12 months
1 The close, affective relationship formed between a child and one or more caregivers.
2 skills that Involve the movement of the head, body, legs, arms, and large muscles
3 a person between the ages of 11 and 19 or a person between childhood and adulthood
5 term that names the lower part of the uterus
7 term for the protection of another personís privacy by limiting access to personal information
9 Represents a score obtained by comparing a child's mental age score with other children's of the same chronological age
10 another word for moral
11 twins is formed from just one ovum and one sperm
12 the stage that deals with how your body operates, moves, and develops
14 a place where sick or injured people are given care or treatment and where children are often born
17 infant's bed
18 a child who is not old enough for kindergarten
19 An infant's characteristic style of responding to the environment and includes activity level, predictability, and emotionality; believed to be early component of personality development.
22 a child between the ages of 2 and 3
23 a female parent
24 organ in a womanís body in which a baby develops during pregnancy
26 term that names the forming of emotional ties between parents and child
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