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Color Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 Most common device used to show the relationship between colors; provides basis for basic color schemes
6 Using only one color to create a color scheme
9 Brightness or dullness of a color
10 Using three colors that divide the wheel into equal parts for the color scheme
11 Colors made when a primary color is mixed with equal amounts of secondary color next to it on the color wheel
14 Using two or more colors that are side by side to create color scheme
17 Colors made by combining two primary colors in equal amounts
1 The name of the unit we are studying
2 Lightness or darkness of color
3 Colors that recede and are quiet and soothing-blue, green, violet
4 Using any pair of colors that are directly opposite on the color wheel to develop the color scheme
5 Using neutral color in large areas of room and small areas of a bright color used for accent
7 Colors from which all other colors are produced
8 Dark values; color with black added
12 Family name for color
13 Light values; color with white added
15 Using a color with the two colors on each side of its complement to make color scheme
16 Colors that advance and are friendly, stimulating colors-red, yellow, orange
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