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Crack IN The Code Crossword Puzzle

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Crack in the Code

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Across Down
3 Ivan Underwood was spending extra time in this town due to the snow storms.
4 ancient vehicle that Ivan drove, has been in his family since childhood.
6 glass dome that covers replica of family home; used for traveling between realities .
7 location of the Underwood mansion
8 last name of flaky repairman
9 type of tree that is on Withern Rise.
10 name of hospital where Alaric and Naia were born.
11 the former occupation of Aldous Underwood.
12 when a train jumps off the tracks.
13 both Alaric and Naia carried these the last time they saw each other.
16 name of old cemetery close by to Withern Rise
18 Sensations characters feel as they use the Folly to travel between realities.
19 the name of Alaric and Naia's dad
1 grounds surrounding the home, filled with trees and plants.
2 description that sums up both lives of Alaric and Naia.
5 room that has French doors and a view of lawn and beyond.
6 last name of Alaric's (and or Naia's) future step-mom
14 aunt to Alaric and Naia
15 what Alex and Ivan won to be able to furnish their house so beautifully.
17 short phrase engraved onto a tombstone
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