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Television Crosswords

To view or print a Television crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
80s Child Television Richie Rich Dog. Ghost removal service . Magical horses with colored hair. Against the law to dance . Nobody puts Baby in the corner . Very Difficult
Amazing Race Kobe's mother. Her husband is a twin. Good to have a lawyer in the group. Decorating is her forte!. Such a sense of humor!. Big
Audio Video Production Add the words that best describe the clues. When the video is blurry it is out of ______. . The smooth motion from the end of one video clip to the beginning of another.. This is done to the raw video in the video software.. A device used to record audio.. A word used to describe digital pictures that are in motion. . Big
Barney Goose Crossword They gave Barney carrotts to eat. White birds on the lake. The name of the ocean. A brown animal Barney met in Limerick. Shines a light for boats to see. Young Kids
Big Brother Where do you work?. What you squirted in Rose's eye. First Dog's Name. Favorite casino video game. Name of pet bird. Big
Bones TV Show Where does Bones work? (12,11). The killer in the episode ‘The Girl with the Curl’ does what type of dance? (3). Cam is scared of these (7). What city is it located in? (10,2). What organization does Booth work for? (3). Hard
Cartoons What is the name of the mermaid from Jake and the Never Land Pirates?. What is Spongebob Squarepants house?. What is the name of the dog in Adventure Time?. Name the princess in Shrek. What colour armour does Mike the Knight wear?. Young Kids
Cartoons amulet. yellow, square, 'spongy'. has a guy who makes beats and wear outfits. pink, has a tail, loves mud. mermaids and go to school. Big
Cartoons from the 20s to 60s Cartoons from the 20s to 60s Snaggle_______. Quick Draw ____________. Speed _________. Flip the ______. Land of the ______. Hard
Crack in the Code when a train jumps off the tracks.. type of tree that is on Withern Rise. . grounds surrounding the home, filled with trees and plants.. short phrase engraved onto a tombstone. the name of Alaric and Naia's dad. Hard
Darcy's Wild Life When Ross and Chandler can't fit the couch up the stairs, they yell: . We all meet at her house for secret santa.. You two were friends since grade school. . PAPER! SNOW! A _______!. The name of my first road trippin' car. . Hard
Dexter Dexter's first kill was a ______. Dexter's occupation. The Ice Truck Killer. Rita's daughter. Dexter collects his trophies on______. Teenage
Divergent Erudite is the faction of. Tris' mother arrives at the Dauntless compound during ___ Day. Dauntless is the faction of . Who in Tris's family was born a dauntless. The honest. Hard
Doctor Who General Knowledge Planet of the Time Lords. Monster that you forget. Has lived billions of years. The planet of the 'original' Cybermen. Galatic police. Hard
Dragon Ball Super Gohan's daughters name. can she fly. The universal emperor . what are the 2 gods of destruction in universe 6 and 7. goku's most powerful form. Older Children
DuckTales (2017) A friend of Donald while on the island; It is a reference to Castaway's Wilson. The Voice Of Donald Duck Since 1985. Name of the sitcom that Gene creates due to Donald's first wish. The rocket that Della Duck took which caused her to land on The Moon; named for greek moon god Selene. Guest voices pre-teen Donald in 'Last Christmas'; previously voiced Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby. Young Kids
Elmo Makes Music Solve this crossword and arrange the letters to get your next clue! What does Telly love?. 8 is the what of the day?. What makes music?. He's a bit grouchy. 'Just start singing up the _____!'. Young Kids
Empire of the Sea something that is written, engraved, carved, or painted as a lasting record. something shared by a group. to make use of something. a period of 1,000 years. writing paper or envelopes. Hard
Film and Television The movement of the camera from left to right or vice-versa from its axis. A shot that usually is the first shot in a scene. It is used to show the location where the next action will take place. The style by which shots and scenes are joined together and progress from one to the next. Any spoken lines in a film by an actor/actress. A transition between two scenes where the first merges gradually into the second. Hard
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ___ Banks. West ___, where xx was born and raised. James ___ (played xx). ___. DJ Jazzy ___ (played xx). Big
Friday Night Lights A player in football who stands directly behind center and directs each play. In 'Friday Night Lights' he is the African American football player who suffers from an ankle injury. City in West Texas where 'Friday Night Lights' takes place. Chant that Permian fans say, originally said by a drunk alumni. In football it is the attempt to stop the opposing player who has the ball. Hard
Friends the one that went out with dated a married woman . the one that gets pregnant . the one that dated a senior in high school. the one that is not a morning person . the one that got cheated on. Easy
Gargoyles TV Series Main Characters: Heroes and Villains Xanatos' Assistant. The Gargoyle Beast. Leader of the Vikings. The Police Detective Woman. Princess of Medieval Scotland. Hard
Gilmore Girls Who said it? Today mother nature has bowed to me.. Flavorless pork. Hurrah for opposable thumbs.. I'm being punished! I had sex so now.... That makes me so mad. And so sad. I'm smad!. People are particularly stupid today.. Big
Go Big or Go Home Try your Best to answer all of our Meteor-Bite questions! The nickname they gave their inflatable boat they went fishing on.. Dr Rip's antidote was made out of this. The name of the bacteria that the Meteorite gave off. Brady 's cousin name and his best friend. This the thing that the Cravers were building in their backyard. Teenage
His Dark Materials The Gobbler research station.(9). One of Lord Asriel's spies.(6). Leader of the gyptians,(4,3). Original sin.(4). Bear that Lyra tricks into a fight.(5). Hard
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 3 episode 2. been Captain for 12 years. season 1 episode 1. moved to svu from narcotics. ADA after Alex Cabot. Teenage
Modern Family clever. to shame, to abash. children. a form, a shape. your parent, grandparent, great-grandparent.... Hard
My Little Pony Characters An alicorn pony who raises the moon.. The former evil version of Princess Luna.. A unicorn stallion who is married to a princess and is related to one.. A unicorn that represents the element of generosity. . The villain who Twilight defeated in the end of season 4.. Hard
New Girl Marketing executive and modern day cassanova . How many rooms are in the loft?. Former professional athlete. What female character left the show with Coach when he deceided to move away?. What college did Schmidt and Nick meet at?. Big
Old Cartoons A feline cartoon that came out in 1919.. Mickey Mouses's dog, which entered the show in 1930.. The most well known Disney character there is.. The station that only plays cartoons, it came out in 1992.. The cat and mouse cartoon that came out in 1940.. Older Children
Old Yeller Who likes to play in drinking water?. Who is the new person in town?. What did Old Yeller save Arliss from?. Where did the family live?. What did Papa leave to do? . Big
Only Fools and Horses Main character, Rodney's brother. ...Merryfield. Del's friend. Albert's brother. Cassandra's father. Hard
Oprah Winfrey I was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by . My mother was a __________. I was both the youngest and the first black female to be a ________ at Nashville's WLAC-TV. My father worked as a _____ in Tennessee. Me and my husband ________ (His name ) have been together since 1986. Big
Our Day Out What does Briggs do with the film?. Susan was going out with whom?. Name the castle they visit.. Mr Briggs could be described as this.. At the second cafe, the owners did what to the price of things?. Hard
Outlander Fill out the crossword puzzle by answering the hints Jamie's wedding gift to Claire is made of ____?. What distraction do the Scotts use at the Wentworth prison?. Jamie's term for Claire's 'vajajay'. What vaccination left the mark that Geillis claims is the 'devil's mark' during the witch trial?. In what castle does Claire live when she first enters the 1740s?. Big
Parks & Recreation First names of characters, last names of cast members ___ Perkins. ___ (stage name). ___ Knope. ___ Gergich (most frequent name). Adam ___. Hard
Rachel Green Rachel Green Played by Jennifer ___. Department store where she was employed as an assistant buyer before being demoted to personal shopper. Italian lothario who lived in the same building (played by Cosimo Fusco). Dr ___ Green, father (played by Ron Leibman). Dangerous ___, what she claims is her favourite film. Hard
Reality TV an idea of what sb or sth is typically like, especially when this is not true or fair. someone who lives in the same house as you, but who is not a member of your family.. a situation in which people all do sth to see who is better. a feeling of guilt and embarrassment. a TV radio or program. Big
Scarlet Pimpernel Name of Sir Percy's ship. The author's nationality . Popular form of execution. Having a secret double life. How the French people addressed each other. Hard
Scooby-Doo Movies Write the correct name of the movie in the correct clue box. While in Hawaii, the gang faces a big surf contest and angered spirits.. A cosmic case of flying saucers, intergalactic intrigue, and out-of-this-world romance for the gang.. Mystery Inc. travels to Scotland to visit Daphne's cousin and watch the Highland Games.. While on a mystery-themed cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, the ship is hijacked by ghost pirates.. School is out and it's vacation time but, sightings of a lake monster causes the gang to investigate.. Hard
Sponge Bob A squid. Where Patrick lives . A sponge that is orange and yellow. The city that they live in. A squirrel. Big
Spongebob Squarepants where does spongbob work. who is spongebobs best friend. who is spongebobs teacher. what is mr. crabs worst enimmie. who is planten dating. Young Kids
Starcrossed Month Michaelle was born. Who made dessert? (Four words). What's for dessert today?. Street Dave grew up on. Dave's profession. Very Difficult
Supernatural Sam's actor's name. Language used in an exorcism. A way to trap a demon. Often fired from gun at ghosts and demons. To become a vampire you ________ their blood. Hard
The Simpsons She sucks pacifier.. He runs Moe's Taven in Springfield.. She plays the saxaphone.. He is the principal of Springfield Elementary School.. He is a personal assistant to Mr Burns.. Older Children
The Brady Bunch Jan rubbed this on her face to get rid of frekles.. Peter pulled a girl to safety in this toy shop.. Who was Mike's boss?. What vehicle was the mother driving when she had the accident? . Cindy wants to become the next who?. Hard
The Great Fire Solve having a harmful effect. a lot of people crowded. self controlled . a period of 2 weeks. a place were dead bodies go. Big
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