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Deserts Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Most of the earth's deserts are of this type
5 Activity visitors like to do in the desert
6 One of the large deserts in Australia
8 Ice free regions of the Arctic and Antarctic are this type of desert
9 In some parts of Chile's desert, this has never been recorded
11 Colorful desert located in Arizona
12 Deserts are a good source of this energy
13 Deserts are a good source of these deposits
14 Word for desert animals that sleep during the day and become active at night
15 Large desert in China and Mongolia
17 Desert that exists in Chile
1 US desert in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah
2 Largest hot desert on earth
4 Type of storms that are common in deserts
6 The other large desert in Australia
7 Plant commonly found in the desert
10 Areas that receive less than 40 cm of rain per year
16 Small green area with water that is found in a desert
18 Number of African countries that contain part of the Saharan desert
19 Most famous desert animal
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