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Earth Sciences Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Life in Earth's Oceans The most diverse marine biome on Earth, found in warm, shallow waters beyond the shoreline.. The portion of the ocean that is shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate, allowing photosynthesis to occur. Most life lives in this part of the ocean.. The bottom of a marine ecosystem; consists of sand and sediment and supports its own community of organisms.. Are bodies of water found in areas where freshwater from rivers and streams and salt water from the ocean meet.. An area where ocean water sinks through cracks in the ocean floor, is heated by the underlying magma, and rises again through the cracks.. Big
A Wetland Ecosystem can get warts . sucks blood. cuts down trees. there is allot of these in the trees . very small very fast . Easy
Agriculture Improved methods of cultivation, harvesting, and storage of farm produce.. Crop that is reproduced by cultivating the seeds. Genetically modified organisms. Economic activity concerned with the direct extraction of natural resources from the environment. Genetic modification of an animal such that it is rendered for human control. Hard
Air and Air Pollution the mixture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and suspended solid particles . the presence of chemicals in the atmosphere. one of the major air pollutants. thin layer of gases surrounding the Earth. causes lung disease and suppresses plant growth. Hard
Air and Water damaging to plants. contains oxygen and carbon dioxide. how plants get most of their water. can kill plant cells or an entire plant. this type of air can put stress on the plant. Older Children
Air Pollution the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the Earth . a colorless liquid hydrocarbon present in coal tar and petrolemeum used in chemicals. sickness, stomach flu, chronic heart ______. harm, not safe, risky. smoking, gasoline, steam, bog, acid rain, chemicals. Older Children
Algae Coats the algae to help with buoyancy (6). Blue-green algae used in fish food and human health products (10). Groups of algae that live on hard surfaces (10). Scientific name for blanket weed (10). This group (pl.) of algae have an eye spot (10). Hard
All About Trees Use your knowledge of trees to compete the crossword below. The canopy of a tree; where leaves are found.. Tightly-woven lignin and cellulose that makes up the structure of a tree.. A plant that completes its lifecycle in one year. . A tree with dense wood typically characterized by slow growth.. Contains the phloem of a tree which transports sugars from the leaves to the roots of a tree for storage.. Hard
All About Water when a liquid moves up very narrow tubes. It is caused by cohesion and adhesion of molecules.. a molecule that does not have distinctly charged poles. to separate and disperse a solid into individual particles in the presence of a solvent. a physical property of a substance, caused by the intermolecular attraction between like-molecules within a body or substance that acts to unite them. For example, water molecules 'stick' to other water molecules. . is a measure of mass per unit of volume. . Hard
Atmosphere A loop of relatively cool, incandescent gas.. When nuclei of small atoms combine to form massive nuclei.. Result of charged particles colliding, creating bright lights in the sky.. Visually perceived radiant energy.. innermost or central part of anything.. Big
Biomes Rainforest having moderate temperatures. Northwestern coast of U.S. is a temperate rain forest. Receives more than 300 cm of rain per year. Huge trees: Cedars, Redwoods, Douglas Firs.. Grassland that is located closer to the equator than prairies. Can receive as much as 120 cm of rain per year. In addition to grass, scattered shrubs and small trees can grow.. Extremely cold and dry biome. Usually receives NO more precipitation than a desert biome. Most soil is frozen all year long (permafrost) During summer, the top layer of soil thaws, but the rest remains frozen.. Rainforests Found in regions close to the equator Warm and humid all year long. Lots of precipitation. Diverse plant growth.. Forest where trees that shed their leaves and grow new ones each year (Oaks, Maples…) Receive enough rain to support the growth of trees and other plants (at least 50 cm per year). Growing season is 5 to 6 months long.. Big
Biosphere Extremely hot and dry. . A biome that takes up 75% of the Earth's surface and everything that lives in it.. Any non living factor in an environment. . The permanent destruction of forests to make room for land.. The conversion from an animal habitat to a human habitat.. Big
Botanical Garden the study of living organisms. the basic or inherent features of something. the action of preserving something.. a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants. held up over something. Hard
Carbon, Water, & Nitrogen Cycle Use the following definitions to solve the puzzle. A dispersion in air of molecules of water. The process of burning something. The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period of time . A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere ( high above the ground) . A colorless, odorless gaseous element. Hard
Carnivorous Plants helps digest the insects or small animals. . the only plant that can move.. flypaper traps ___ when they are triggered.. some types of carnivorous plants have___ hairs.. type of water that can build up and kill carnivorous plants.. Hard
Caves A person who explores caves as a sport or hobby. 'World of the ice giants'. A rock formation hanging from the ceiling of a cave. A scientist who studies caves. The Blue Grotto is found on this Italian island. Hard
Changes Over Time a type of fossil that forms when a mold becomes filled in with minerals that then harden. a technique used to determine the actual age of a fossil on the basis of the amount of a radioactive element it contains. term used to indicate a species that does not have any living members. a technique used to determine which of two fossils is older. the theory that species evolve during short periods of rapid change. Hard
Changing Environments Coastal Erosion Building a new high-rise could damage the foredune and interdune - is this a social or environmental effect?. A way in which humans cause beach erosion.. Process that shapes coastlines. Starts with D. When salts and acids in seawater dissolve the rock gradually over thousands of years it is called _____________ .. Headlands, bays, caves, arches, stacks, stumps and wave-cut platforms are landforms created by _____________ . . Big
Climate Activity Wind system that influence indian climate. A form of precipitation. Temporary atmospheric conditions. Amount of vapour present in the air. India experience this type of climate. Big
Climate Change Complete the puzzle below What happens to polar ice caps because of climate change. What is a main cause of greenhouse gases. Where can most greenhouse gases be found. What country is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. What is the name of the energy source that uses the suns rays as a power source. Moderately Challenging
Climate Change a gas produced in landfills and rice fields. a food produced near . a group of people who travel together in a car. something that causesdamage to the environment. a gas produced by burning fossil fuels. Big
Climate Changes when we throw to much food, we ..... food. engine used to produce electricity with the wind. it's the opposite of optional. those who works with vegetables and sometimes animals. this is about the weather and it has been a subject of debate for many years now. Big
Climate Zones and Climate Change This term is used to explain the different species of animals and plants that can be found in the rainforest. . This is an example of air pollution caused by warm temperatures will make people have difficulties in breathing especially those with asthma. . This is the largest ocean in the world. . This monsoon wind blows from June to September. . Prolong periods of dry and hot weather will cause this phenomenon to take place. It damages crops.. Big
Climate Zones and Landforms it usually has a river running through it; narrow. Bab el Mandeb is an example. it is very flat. an arid region. this landform is also a letter from the Greek alphabet. Big
Coastal Environments wearing away of land by natural forces. a liquid you find at the beach. a ridge of rock lying below the surface of the sea. small fragments of rock which have been worn away from a mass by waves or water. the vertical distance from water level. Older Children
Coasts When the sea loses energy, it drops the sand, rock particles and pebbles that it has been carrying, depositing them.. A weaker wave. Adding more sand or shingle widens the beach and waves lose power travelling across it. Waves can erode the coastline in a similar way to the water in rivers. This usually occurs when the sea takes lots of energy from the power of destructive waves.. This may be formed behind a spit. Hard
Coniferous Forest These clues are about the coniferous forest. Green for all the seasons. Some animals of the coniferous forest do this during the cold winter months. Leaves of the pine tree that resist wind and frost damage. cone bearing. The ancestors of the evergreen trees were nibbled on by these. Big
Continental Drift find the words This occurs at divergent boundaries where new ocean floor is formed.. The edges of Earth's plates where two or more plates meet. The pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion and float on convection currents in the mantle.. When two plates move apart: Ocean floor Spreading occurs. New ocean floor is formed. A mid-ocean ridge forms and a Rift valley forms.. This is a theory developed by Alfred Wegener that states that Earth's plates were once one huge landmass and over years they were broken apart and drifted to their present location. . Big
Continents & Oceans body of water to the left of North America. you have an aunt that lives here and she is always cold. bottom bunk. The Lion King. largest continent . Big
Coral Reef blow away sand to uncover predators. microscopic animals that eat phytoplankton at night. their spines contain poison. suck in water and squirt it out. eat coral and turn it into sand. Big
Coral Reefs Complete crossword Soft, squishy material used to clean things but differnt forms are found in reefs.. Flat like,slippery animal with a powerful barbed tail. Large sea creature with strong fins to help it speed through the water to catch it's prey. A clear liquid. Something that still has life -breathing-eating etc. Big
Coral Reefs brightly-colored fish is orange with three white vertical stripes. a underwater snake. Mollusk with eight long arms. Its fin can be seen above the water and its teeth are feared. Hard formation in tropical seas with varied forms and colors. Big
Coral Reefs Nearly ___________ of the world's coral reefs are threatened by human activity. The diversity of the species living within different coral reefs depends on the reef's ________ and the direction of the water. Coral reefs exist in __________ water. A group of coral is called a ________. Coral are not ________. They're actually animals and are amazingly enough, relatives of jellyfish and anemones. Big
Currents and climate an acoustic current meter in which a sound signal sound of known frequency is projected into the water and the reverberation frequency is measured. a circular ocean surface current. the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on or washed up by the sea. a flow of a fluid in a direction. circulation of fluid caused by density differences. Older Children
Currents and Climate Solve. Gases that asorb the heat in the atmosphere. different properties at different elevations above sea level. mixture of gases that surrounds the planet. We also call it air. The gases in the air include nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Along with water vapor, air allows life to survive.. conditions of the atmosphere at a given time and place. Mass per volume. Big
Dandelion Herbs that tend to calm, moderate or tranquilize nervousness or excitement.. Herbs that restore the body to health.. Reduces inflammation in the body.. Plants that take 2 years to complete their life cycle.. Herbs that sooth and protect the skin when applied externally. . Big
Dayton's Layers of The Earth Use the hints below to solve the puzzle. The innermost region of the Earth.. Rock that has solidified from lava or magma.. Also known as the lower mantle; it is a thick layer of strong, solid rock.. This crust forms the landmasses called continents.. The region of the earth's interior between the crust and the core.. Older Children
Deep Sea Creatures Relating to the open sea. The kind if fish Mr. Blobby is. Lives in a chambered shell. The stinging cell on a jellyfish or comb jelly. A light producing organ in an animal. Big
Deserts What animal can go days without food or water?. Antarctica is the __ desert.. The driest erts support almost no __ productivity.. Most animals have an __ that allows them to store all their body fat in one area of their body because it is able to retain heat.. Some deserts are so hot, when it rains the water __ before it touches the ground.. Big
Deserts Most famous desert animal. Large desert in China and Mongolia. Areas that receive less than 40 cm of rain per year. Number of African countries that contain part of the Saharan desert. Most of the earth's deserts are of this type. Big
Diffusion this contains a green pigment called chlorophyll. what is the cell structure called that contains water and cell sap. this describes a membrane which lets small soluble molecules through. an example of a small soluble molecule. a waste material that would diffuse out of the cell. Hard
Dinosaurs All about dinosaur A animal that only eats meats. Animals that preys on others. Animals that get hunt for food. 'king of dinosaur'. A series of small bones which form the back bones. Older Children
Do You Know The Layers Of The Earth? Learn info about the layers of the earth, and maybe having fun. The center layer of the earth is called the Inner___.. There are two different crusts. The Oceanic Crust, and the __________ Crust.. 2/3 of earths mass is in the______.. The Core has different layers. Specifically the _____, and Inner Core. The Mantle is made of different ___________ rocks, such as obsidian, sandstone, and granite.. Big
Earth putting chemicales in the environment. bad rain that comes from the sky. gas that surrounds the earth. To use something again. something thats melting the artic. Older Children
Earth ash. the molten, fluid, rockthat issues from a volcano . lithosphere is broken into a number of crustal plates. the central intermost part of the earth. the movement of contintns resulting resuming from the motion of crustal plates. Hard
Earth the plastic layer within the mantle . landforms with low relief and low elevation . Earth's entire solid body. the dense metallic center of the Earth . the crust and the uppermost mantle grouped into a rigid layer by scientists. Big
Earth to move or swing to and fro, as something fixed at one end or resting on a support.. involuntary shaking of the body or limbs, as from disease, fear, weakness, or excitement; a fit of trembling.. sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfall.. on or into the ground; in a stranded condition or state:. to make a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder.. Big
Earth a Lithosphere Earthquake begins on this point. Boundary separating the earth's inner core from the outer core. The boundary of two sections of rock, which move relative to each other. A scientific theory, saying that earth’s lithosphere is thought to be fragmented into several different sections, which 'float' on the plastic rock of the asthenosphere. The upper part of the mantle, which is solid rock, and the crust above it. Big
Earth and Space frozen rain drops. a tool used to measure air pressure. an imaginary center line around which the Earth rotates. frormes. the path water takes as it evaporates, condences, falls to Earth, and evaporates. Older Children
Earth as a System The center of the Earth made mostly of iron and nickel. Earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago and is made mostly of . The denser layer beneath the crust . vibrations that travel through the Earth. The mostly solid part of Earth. Older Children
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