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Desserts Around The World Crossword Puzzle

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Desserts Around the World

                                1     2 3            
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Across Down
2 the type of pie commonly sold at McDonalds
4 a small round French cookie made of a sweet filling sandwiched between two colorful almond cookies.
5 a Spanish fried fritter rolled in sugar and cinnamon
6 a square doughnut without a hole
8 the Italian ice cream
11 a popular American chocolate spread that can be eaten on bread, cookies, and fruit
12 French cream puffs
14 the spongy sweet confection used to make smores
16 a beverage made from milk, ice-cream, and other flavorings
17 a confection made primarily from sugar and almonds
20 a chewy Japanese dessert made from glutinous rice paste
21 an Australian dessert made from yellow sponge cake, chocolate, and coconut flakes
23 a soft miniature French cake baked in the shape of a seashell
24 a chewy candy made from sugar, butter, and cream
25 the fruit flavored dessert made from gelatine
26 an American treat that is a bar of dense chocolate cake
27 a Spanish baked sweet egg custard
1 a sweet pastry traditionally eaten during the Chinese Lunar Festival
3 the Peruvian donut made from potato, flour, squash, anise, sugar, and yeast
7 a rich chocolate icing made from dark chocolate and heavy cream
9 the type of pie eaten during Thanksgiving
10 a creamy French custard topped with a shell of crispy torched sugar
13 a creamy Italian dessert made from ladyfinger cookies, cocoa powder, coffee, mascarpone cheese, and whipped cream
15 an American cookie made of vanilla creme sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.
18 a hard brittle candy made from brown sugar and butter
19 the hot chocolate drink enjoyed during cold weather
22 the Turkish baked dessert made from layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey
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