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Across Down
2 The peaceful
5 Tris's tattoo of the flying ravens represents her ________
6 Dauntless is the faction of
9 Eric and Four broke the new initiates into 2 teams to play Capture the ____
12 Four's mom's name
13 Tris's real name
14 What nickname other initiates call Tris
16 Al killed himself with ___ after nearly killing Tris
17 Erudite is the faction of
18 The author of this book
19 Who blamed Tris for cheating in stage two
20 Weapon used in the game
23 Tris was born a member of _______
24 The Dauntless members' minds was controlled to ___ Abnegation members
25 Who Tris fell in love with
26 Tris climbed to the top of Chicago's big ______ to get a better look at her surroundings during the game
27 Symbol of the Dauntless
28 Four pulled the hard drive out of the computer containing the ___
1 What does Tobias mean?
3 The faction Tris's transferred to
4 The faction Caleb chose
7 Who in Tris's family was born a dauntless
8 The honest
10 Tris's tattoo was pointed at her _______
11 The Erudite leader, the female antagonist of the novel
15 Tris' mother arrives at the Dauntless compound during ___ Day
21 Faction of Abnegation
22 The 5 groups seperated from the society is based on 5 ___
29 Four and Tris were unaffected by the serum being used to control their ____.
30 What is Four's real name
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