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Exploring Music Awareness Crossword Puzzle

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Exploring Music Awareness

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Across Down
1 What US city is also known as Motown?
4 This instrument produces many different instrument sounds.
5 This is one of the most popular instruments of the brass family of instruments.
8 What type of music had the strongest influence on American Rock and Roll?
10 How can I legally download music from the internet?
11 Which family of instruments is used as the rhythmic foundation of a musical ensemble?
12 What continent influenced American hip hop rhythms?
13 What do we call a song that is recognized by the country's government as it's official song?
14 What family of the musical instruments is NOT a part of a school marching band?
15 What musical sign is the end of a piece of music?
16 This is the missing dynamic word of the sequence from loud to soft: mezzo piano, piano ______
17 John Philip Sousa is from this time period.
18 That music sign represents gradually getting louder?
2 What is the name of the song that makes Americans stop, stand and respect our country?
3 This is the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family of instruments.
6 What msuical dynamic sign/word is typically used for lullabies?
7 This is the steady even pulse found in music.
9 What is missing to complete the standard instrumentation of a rock and roll band: electric guitar, keyboard and drums.
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