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Famous Blues Singers And Musicians Crossword Puzzle

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Famous Blues Singers and Musicians

Write the name of the blues legend that belongs to the 'Hint'

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Across Down
2 Nicknamed 'The Empress of the Blues', most of her fame in the blues came during the 1920's and 1930's.
4 Female singer credited with the hit song 'Hound Dog' before Elvis Presley. Chicago era blueswoman.
5 Early Delta blues pioneer. Paved the way for many early blues musicians. Had hits like 'Sweet Home Chicago' and 'Crossroad Blues'.
6 Known as 'Father of Modern Blues' in Chicago with hits such as 'Hoochie Coochie Man', 'Mannish Boy'. Credited with the band Rolling Stones getting their name from one of his song lyrics.
7 British-born, considered by many the greatest guitarist of all time. Helped start the Blues Revival with the British Invasion, heavily influenced by BB King, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and earlier musicians
8 One of the most influential guitarists and bluesmen in the history of music. Founded in St Louis and recorded in Chicago, he had hits like 'Johnny B Goode' and 'Sweet Little Sixteen'.
10 15 time Grammy Award guitarist and singer. Known for 'The Thrill Is Gone', Career covered over 50 years of singing/playing with his guitar 'Lucille'. Memphis-blues era to present day.
1 Texas bluesman of the 1980's during the blues 'rebirth'. Known for hits such as 'Texas Flood', 'Pride and Joy', 'Scuttle Buttin'. Died in helicopter crash.
3 Known as 'The Mother of the Blues' as she was one of the first female blues singers in the 1920's.
9 Known as the 'Queen of the Blues'. Had a rough but loud vocal, Discovered during the Chicago blues era of the 1950's.
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