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FC Barcelona Crossword Puzzle

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FC Barcelona

                      2                               3    
                                  4                       5
                7 8                                        
  9                                                 10      
              19                                       20    
Across Down
7 César Rodríguez scored 294 goals for FC Barcelona in ____ games.
9 In 1919, the fans refer what the team was going through. (2 words)
11 The year FC Barcelona got Suárez.
12 FC Barcelona became the first Spanish team to win the _________________. (two words)c
13 A FC Barcelona player in 1919-32 who can play any position on the field except maybe keeper.
14 The number of wins FC Barcelona won the Supercopa through 2014
15 What Argentine player was counted among the greatest soccer players of all time besides Messi
16 A Spain soccer club.
17 The year Barcelona signed a Spain player named Iniesta.
18 A Argentine player which was compared to Diego Maradona who is also a Argentine player.
19 The motto of Barcelona. (4 words)
22 FC Barcelona spanish club rival
23 The year Brazilian player Neymar joins Barcelona.
24 The year Messi got 73 goals and established a new mark for a European club season.
1 What El Clásico means in english. (2 words)
2 Who was named the world's most marketable athlete by SportPro magazine.
3 The sport that is known all over the world.
4 The president of Spian that put his own money for FC Barcelona to keep going.
5 What soccer players use to score a goal.
6 The number of wins FC Barcelona won the European Cup through 2014.
8 The first El Clásico.
10 Who became Barcelona all time leading scorer in 2012.
20 The number of wins FC Barcelona won La Liga through 2014.
21 The number of wins FC Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey through 2014
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