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Sports Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
1969 Kansas City Royals Schaal. '69 Royals HR Leader with 14. '69 Royals finished ______ in the American League West. '69 Royals doubles leader with 21. Hedlund and Fiore for example. Very Difficult
2014 Super Bowl All about the Super Bowl Play by play announcer for today's game. Wilson of Seahawks. QB of host stadium home team. Last year's super bowl winner. Host stadium for 2014 super bowl. Older Children
2015 Rugby World Cup The answers are based on the 2015 Rugby World Cup and Rugby Union Which country won this years Rugby Championship?. International rugby returns in this month next year. Name the Rugby Union Studio show that has been shown on Thursday nights through the rugby season?. The Rugby World Cup trophys nickname. One of the exciting entertainment shows from Fox Sports for the RWC, Cup ------- Over. Big
2016 World Series Read the hint then write it in the correct collum. There is no spaces. Cubs player who's last game of his career was the last game of the World Seriesand also was the oldest player to ever hit a home run in the World Series. Player who got the last out of the World Series.. MVP of the World Series. . Record of the winners to the losers. . First baseman for the cubs. Big
2017 NHL All Star Game #72 for the Columbus Blue Jackets, he was undrafted and his nickname is 'Bob'. #91 for the New York Islanders, he was drafted #1 overall in the 2009 NHL Draft. #4 for the Anaheim Ducks, his first name is short for something that take pics and his last name is one of the worst high schools in Calgary. #27 for the New York Rangers, first name of Gosling and his last name starts with 'McDona__' but the last two letters are different. #13 for the Columbus Blue Jackets, first name of Newton and last name of Rowan. Hard
2020 Kentucky Derby Call to. Drop from the race.. Number of inches in a hand.. Distilled from at least 51% corn.. Young female horse.. Big
Aboriginal Footy Players Once got rejected by East Fremantle . Born on the 1st of October 1969 in Darwin, Northern Territory. Was part of the AFL U18 All-Australian Team. A player who used to play with Carlton Blue in the 1970's. One of Hawthorn's most valuable player. Hard
All About Sports A sport where you need a glove and a bat to play.. Basketball movie about a team from Indiana.. A sport where you play 5 on 5.. What you play with in most sports.. A sport where you wear pads and helmets.. Older Children
All About Tennis this person makes sure no one will cheat. there are both male and female tennis people.. some people play tennis on clay, others on grass.. many people play this sport.. The boy who collects the tennis balls.. Easy
Archery To draw an arrow so far that the point passes the face of the bow. The distance a bow can shoot an arrow - similar term used in fishing. The type of arrows used in hunting big game. Any or all of an archer's equirpment - an archer's gear. A style of archery that allows stabilizers and pin sights, but not release aids or optical sights. Big
Archery the two feathers not at a right angle to the nock. when nocking the arrow, the index feather should point ____ the target. the type of archery in which one shoots at stationary colored targets. the white rings ont the target outside the 1 point value rings. one of the fingers you do not put on the drawstring. Hard
Archery used in big game huntting. Much like the longbow, but the limbs curve back away from the belly of the bow, which can provide more power in a shorter bow than the longbow. target shootings. most popular bow for hunting and target shooting. Bang Bang. Older Children
Archery Terms used in Archery The farthest distance a bow will shoot an arrow.. A length of wood used in making selfbows. Billets are split from a side by side position in the same log to obtain similar limb performance characteristics, and spliced in the handle section of a bow.. The tapered piece of wood that fades out into the limb from the riser.. To tilt the bow off center when shooting so as to remove the bow's sight window from view.. The surface of the bow facing the archer when drawing the bow, the side with the bowstring.. Hard
Athletes this is responsible for muscle contractions, blood clotting etc. Lose of bone density & become brittle. A type of heart condition. this type of exercise can assist in the resticting & strengthening of the bone. A condition resulting from lack of iron in the blood. Big
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth hit 712 _______. a rawhide ball with red stitches . a bases loaded home run. there are 9 ____ in a game . the opposite of out. Hard
Badminton Players continuousnly playing back and forth. In doubles who hits the incoming serve. The players that don't serve are doing this. Players can not do this. In doubles the player on the right serving must serve to this position on the opposite side of the net. Hard
Badminton The place Canada's women's doubles team came in at the 2012 Summer olympics. If the shuttle is hit with two strikes on one side of the net. If the server's score is even the server is on this side. The country that all of the gold medal winners of badminton from the 2012 olympics came from. The men's gold medal badminton winner of the 2012 olympics . Hard
Badminton an infringement of the laws. If made by the receving side, it resulats in a point to the server. if made by the server he or she loses . the player or side receving service . a deceptive serve used mostly in doubles to clear the receiver . The player or side which as the advantagee of serving . to win a rally with a dicisive scoring storke usualy a smash. Older Children
Badminton Back third of the court, in the area of the back boundary lines.. Hard-hit overhead shot that forces the shuttle sharply downward. . Exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play.. Official name for the object that players hit.. Stroke used to put shuttlecock into play at the start of each rally.. Easy
Badminton A shot hit deep to the opponent's back . a ball or shuttlecock so softly hit that it falls to the playing surface just after clearing the net. the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time. an offensive shot performed from the back part of the court. a shot played in the middle court that can be seen as an offensive shot. Big
Badminton Terminologies players put the shuttlecock into play for points by “serving” it to opponents. the back third of the court, in the area of. Back boundary line at each end of the court, that runs parallel to the net.. players put the shuttlecock into play for points by “serving” it to opponents,. Gentle shot played by pushing the shuttle with little wrist motion.. Big
Baseball The best AL and NL teams square off at the end of each season in the World Series, also known by this two-word autumnal name.. A rarity, it's what you call a game where no runner reaches base for one of the teams. (Two words). Jackie ____________ was the frst African-American to play in the Major Legaues, breaking the so-called color barrier in 1947.. Major League Baseball teams are divided into two leagues: the National and the __________. Hall of Fame Jewish pitcher who took a stand for his faith when he decline to pitch in the World Series on Yom Kippur.. Very Difficult
Baseball the thing that is hit by the batter. the baseball team that is based in Washington DC. the base that you touch to score. a hit that is an instant run. the player who throws the ball to the batters box. Big
Baseball Banter A really good fast ball. A bullet.. a batted ball taking several bounces to reach an infielder.. The arm of a fast pitcher.. An inside pitch that forces the batter from the plate.. Team's best pitcher.. Big
Baseball Banter (2 words) A hard hit ground burner.. Team's best pitcher.. Taking a base on balls. A walk.. A pitcher's arm. A wing. His soupbone.. A throw over another player's head that is too high to catch. No postage necessary.. Older Children
Baseball Facts The base most often stolen in a game. How many baseballs are often used in a game. Played 2,632 consecutive games. Holds the record for most home runs and RBIs in World Series History. My favorite major league baseball team. Big
Baseball History 'Joltin' Joe ____. ____holds the record for hits and games played. In a 1969 rule change, the strike zone was ____. was the first black player in the Majors. 1969 rules changes benefited the ____. Big
Baseball Terms when someone receives the ball from an outfielder.. occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter.. occurs when a baserunner is no longer permitted to legally occupy a base and must attempt to advance to the next base.. An illegal act by the pitcher when one or more runners are on base.. A ball is a batted ball that settles on foul territory between home and first base.. Easy
Basketball when the player lays the ball up. what the player does to move around the court. a shot that counts as 3. when the player jumps back while shooting or fades back. when the player slams the ball through the hoop. Easy
Basketball Solve the puzzle A statistic that occurs when a player passes the ball to someone who scores after receiving the pass.. When a player from either team retrieves the ball and gains possession after a missed shot.. Shots within two-feet of the basket.. The arena where the Blugolds play their home games. . This penalty, which results in a turnover, occurs when an offensive player with the ball runs into a stationary defensive player and knocks him or her over.. Easy
Basketball Facts Complete the crossword puzzle, and have fun Who has the most dunks in NBA history?. Who has the most ejections in NBA history?. Who has the most buzzer beaters in the NBA history?. Who has the most double-doubles in NBA history?. Who played the most games in NBA history?. Older Children
Basketball Terms When an offensive player drives to the basket, a teammate of the defender leaves his man to '______' cover the player with the ball.. The fast break that results from a rebound, turnover or change in possession. . This area in front of the basket is also known as the 'key' or the 'lane'. . If a player has a good '___________', he is a good ball-handler. . An aggressive rebounder. . Hard
Benfica First appointed club President . Portuguese parish, located in the municpality of Lisbon . Home field of the Womens SL Benfica team . Benfica is in the Guinness Book of World Records for what?. Current Head Coach. Hard
Blugold Soccer A term that can be used interchangeably with forward, though it sometimes refers specifically to a forward that is the team's primary scoring threat.. A move where a player attempts to win the ball by sliding towards the ball.. Our team's name!. When a player strikes or deflects the ball with their head to pass or shoot.. A player positioned at the front of a formation responsible for trying to score goals.. Big
Box Out is a defensive alignment in which two defensive players are assigned to guard a single offensive player.. A shot in basketball in which the ball glances off the backboard before reaching the basket.. A part of the circumference of a circle or other curve.. To attempt to stop (the opposition) from scoring.. A single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.. Older Children
Bromley FC Find all the Bromley FC and football related words! The name of the sport Bromley FC play. The player whose main job it is to score goals. One of Bromley FC's nicknames. The surname of Bromley's manager. The people who come to watch a football team. Big
Chicago Cubs the round ball that you throw. one of the MVP's for the cubs. when a player runs all the bases in one hit . the green plant on the walls. the person who throws the ball. Big
Children & Young Athletes this is responsible for muscle contractions, blood clotting etc. lose of bone density & become brittle. a type of heart condition. this type of exercise can assist in the restricting & strengthening of the bone. obesity levels are increasing the incidence of this type (diabete) has increased. Big
Coaches 1956-1962 Coaches 1956-1962 Reims 1956,1959. Fiorentina 1957. Barcelona 1961. Eintracht Frankfurt 1960. Real Madrid 1960,1962. Big
College Mascots Iowa State University. University of Virgina. university of delaware. St johns university. university of tulsa. Older Children
College Mascots Minnesota. Longhorns. Oklahoma State. Iowa State. Oklahoma. Hard
Cricket Use all the words used to protect your hands. a way that you can get out when the ball hits them. a type of bowl. when you get out. used to protect your knees. Big
Cross Country Terminology A meet between a multiple number of teams that have been invited to attend.. First five places form a team added together. The low score wins.. Racing shoes with metal elements in the soles. Short sprints during warm-ups and warm-downs.. Roped off area at the finish used to arrange runners in order of finish. Big
Cup Winners' Cup Finals Cup Winners' Cup finals Bosuilstadion (1964). Nya Ullevi (1983,1990). Rasunda Stadion (1998). Stade de Gerland (1986). King Baudouin Stadium (1996). Hard
Drew Brees Use the vocabulary words from the story to complete the puzzle an organization that helps people. comes from. very true. a very talented family; a good breeding line. signed up for. Hard
European Cup Final Cities San Siro. Heyselstadion. Olympic Stadium. Camp Nou. Wankdorf Stadion. Hard
Extreme Sports what the sport called where you jump of a bridge with a rope?. Name the sport where they use hives in their job?. what is the extreme sport called where you jump out of a plan with a parachute?. . what is it called when someone is on a board and does tricks?. what is it called when you are inside a big ball and run around inside it?. Big
Famous Basketball Players Wore #21 for the San Antonio Spurs while winning 5 NBA championships. Wears #30 for the Golden State Warriors and won a championship with 2 MVPs. Wore #21 for MInnesota Timberwolves and #5 for the Boston Celtics and is nicknamed the 'Big Ticket'. Wears #0 for the Oklahoma City Thunder and was the 2015 NBA scoring champ. Wore #5 for the New Jersey Nets and #2 for the Dallas Mavericks is now the coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. Hard
FC Barcelona The sport that is known all over the world.. What soccer players use to score a goal.. The number of wins FC Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey through 2014. FC Barcelona spanish club rival . The number of wins FC Barcelona won the European Cup through 2014.. Hard
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