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Geographical Features Crossword Puzzle

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Geographical Features

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Across Down
3 a wall built across a river that stops the river's flow and collects the water, especially to make a reservoir that provides water for an area.
4 the solid surface of the earth that lies under the ocean.
8 the direction in which water is moving.
9 an area of sand or small stones near the sea or another area of water such as a lake.
10 the inside part of something.
11 a large mass of ice that moves slowly.
14 the salty water that covers a large part of the surface of the earth, or a large area of salty water, smaller than an ocean, that is partly or completely surrounded by land.
16 a low mountain or low hill at the bottom of a larger mountain or range of mountains.
17 a very large mass of ice that floats in the sea.
19 a large area of land covered with trees and plants, usually larger than a wood, or the trees and plants themselves.
1 the particular shape of the coast, especially as seen from above, from the sea, or on a map.
2 a large hole in the side of a hill, cliff, or mountain, or one that is underground.
4 the land along the edge of the sea.
5 a movement of water, air, or electricity in a particular direction.
6 a part of the coast where the land curves in so that the sea is surrounded by land on three sides.
7 a small area of the sea or other water in which there is a powerful, circular current of water that can pull objects down into its centre.
12 a large area of water surrounded by land and not connected to the sea except by rivers or streams.
13 a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast.
15 very different from each other.
18 an area of water smaller than a lake, often artificially made.
20 the rise and fall of the sea that happens twice every day.
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