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Haunted History OF Halloween Crossword Puzzle

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Haunted History of Halloween

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Across Down
2 Traditional Halloween fruitcake with a leaf baked into it
3 11.5 % of Americans dress up their ____ for Halloween.
4 According to an Irish myth, he tricked the devil and was banned from heaven & hell.
5 Pope Gregory II designated Nov. 1 as this:
7 French explorer who reported in 1584 finding gros melons as he explored the St. Lawrence
8 Only holiday Americans spend more money on than Halloween
10 Nov. 5 in England is known as this:
11 This is where Halloween originated.
12 From the middle English meaning 'All Saints Day'
13 In Mexico, Latin America and Spain, Nov. 2 is called this
16 European version of ding dong ditch
17 Celtic Druid term for the celebration of harvest
1 The English stopped celebrating Halloween because of Luther and this movement.
3 These are members of the gourd family.
6 Fifty % of Americans decorate these for Halloween.
9 In the Middle Ages, these avoided detection by turning themselves into cats
10 In Ireland and Scotland young people doing this would sing, recite poems, or tell jokes to collect a treat.
14 Originally, jack-o-lanterns were made from these.
15 Payment to the Medieval poor for prayer for the dead
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