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Halloween Crosswords

To view or print a Halloween crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Autumn and Halloween The first month of Autumn.. This scares away animals that eat vegetables on a farm.. A scary apparition, said to haunt houses.. Witch's fly on this.. Kids wear this on Halloween.. Hard
Halloween The month that Halloween is in. Witches normally walk around with them. You walk up to someones door and say...... A person who suckes blood. Something sweet you eat. Older Children
Halloween ward off evil demons. they feed on blood. human bone structure. dead body's home. Carved pumpkin. Older Children
Halloween Use the hints to find out what the word is!!! what do people normally use for decorations?. what do vampires sleep in?. What noise does a werewolf make?. What do you make potions in?. what sucks your blood?. Young Kids
Halloween it howls when it is a full moon.. this thing haunts people.. people carve this every Halloween.. children do this every Halloween.. it is used for homes for spiders.. Older Children
Halloween bad luck if crosses your path. hides under the bed. bob for these. witch's transportation. best one wins a prize. Easy
Halloween Find the words matching with their definitions to fill in this crossword puzzle: spirit of a dead person. (v.) to wear a costume. magical art performed by witches. useful to paint your face. pumpkin that has been carved. Older Children
Halloween .. .. .. .. .. Big
Halloween Complete the crossword bellow. Some say I live under your bed. A monster with only _ _ _ _. A halloween game. A nother word for scary. A spirt. Big
Halloween Pumpkins with a lighted candle inside is called Jack O'. A skeleton is made of all?. The name of what you pick to wear on Halloween?. What vegetable frightens vampires away?. What color cat is supposed to be bad luck?. Young Kids
Halloween Find the answer to these clues in this spooky Halloween themed crossword A person possessing magic, often depicted as a woman.. Household animal, which is often associated with bad luck, because of the colour of their fur.. The season in which Halloween occurs.. Weather that is often associated with spooky settings.. Winged mammals, associated with Vampires. Young Kids
Halloween Someone who comes to collect a person's soul. A person will break these if he/she isn't careful. I cast spells on people. Feeds on blood. Nightmare on Elm Street. Young Kids
Halloween Novel written by Mary Shelley. A group of witches. Thought to repel vampires. The number one song on Spotify's Top Halloween Tracks playlist. The friendly ghost. Simple
Halloween What is a group of witches called?. Who wrote the classic novel Dracula?. What food item is said to keep vampires away?. What is the name of the daughter in The Addams Family?. Courteney Cox played a news reporter in which horror film franchise?. Big
Halloween Movies Use the hints to solve the crossword puzzle Who you gonna call?. Gomez and Morticia Addams' daughter. Tim Burton's ______ Bride. The film in which the main character is a doll named 'Chucky'. This is the name of the hotel in The Shining. Hard
Halloween Spelling List can be either a colour or a fruit. a darker time of the day. not bright in colour. an orange vegetable that is fun to carve. a spooky time of year. Easy
Halloween Spelling List you can dress up as one if your parents will let you borrow a sheet. a pumpkin with a glowing face. it will rot your teeth. very frightened. can be a colour or a fruit. Young Kids
Haunted History of Halloween French explorer who reported in 1584 finding gros melons as he explored the St. Lawrence . From the middle English meaning 'All Saints Day'. Nov. 5 in England is known as this:. Fifty % of Americans decorate these for Halloween.. These are members of the gourd family.. Hard
Here Comes Halloween Casper is a friendly one. Wear this on Halloween (pretend to be someone else). Halloween is in this month. good color for a witch's cat. the holiday after Halloween. Older Children
Spooky Synonyms Fill in the puzzle with words that are the same or nearly the same meaning. Synonym for Spirit. Synonym for Goblin. Synonym for Garb. Synonym for Devilish . Synonym for Blood-sucker. Older Children
Witchy Words A witchy crossword puzzle A maritime witch who like to steal voices. A young witch but not that young. Arthur's half-sister witch. Buffy's witchy best pal. A marvellous android loving witch. Big
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