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History OF Psycology Crossword Puzzle

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History of Psycology

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Across Down
11 focuses on self-development, progress and accountability
13 an understanding of relationships that sheds light on or helps solve a problem
14 is to love for the sake of love and not for physical pleasure
15 she starts a school for girls with her friend Fanny Blood
17 ability to act in a moral manner
18 evolutionary changes on earth occur gradually over time
20 study of the effects of drugs on thought and behavior
23 small currents of electricity pass through the skin and muscles of the head
25 a treatment that resolve irrational thoughts
27 a head cutting machine was named after him
30 accused of being a German spy during WWI
35 the only possible knowledge is self-knowledge
36 an abstraction referring to a simple irreducible sensation
37 the Greek term for soul or mind
38 he was short and ugly and walk around with a stick for intimidating effect
1 the science of human behavior
2 he would stay in bed until 11 in the morning
3 believed that parents and children should not physically touch
4 he married his cousin Bertha Goodman
5 he was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln February 12, 1809
6 the origin of psyche
7 priori knowledge
8 the view of the world that takes account only of natural elements and forces
9 the self as one would like it to be
10 ability to see an entire figure even though the picture of it is incomplete, based primarily on the viewer's past experience
11 what is PSY 4000
12 they believes that dreaming is not some great divine message
16 he changed his last name from Israel
19 he divorced his first wife and married a student
21 an element of consciousness refereeing to simple awareness of stimulation
22 a mental impression remembered
24 evolve to survive
26 the I or me of the personality
28 he thought animalís feelings could get hurt
29 all claims are suspect and must be questioned
30 study of the events of the human past
31 he changed his last name from Luder
32 thought cocaine was a miracle drug
33 knowledge is derived from experience
34 the earth is the center of the solar system
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