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Hockey Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 What players hold in their hands
8 Shooting the puck the length of the ice untouched
9 When a goalie stops the puck, it's called a ____
10 A black, rubber disc used to score goals
12 Blows the whistle if players are offside
14 Penalty for sticking someone in the ear
16 Where fans can look to see how many gaols each team has
17 The player who wears the letter 'C' on their jersey
18 What happens when teams are tied after overtime
20 When players come off the the ice and others take their place on-ice
21 The position of the player who typically takes faceoffs
23 Song sung to open the game
25 When a goalie knocks the puck from a player with his stick
26 A light of this colour is turned on behind the net when a goal is scored
27 The puck must cross this line to score a goal
28 Where players sit when they are not on the ice
29 A two-minute period of time when one team has more players on the ice
32 There are typically two players of this position on the ice at all times
33 To score three goals in one game
34 When a player gives the puck to another player
35 Number of penalty minutes for fighting
36 Players wear this in their mouth to protect their teeth
37 When a player comes in on the opposing goalie alone
39 When a goal is scored off the stick or body of a player who did not shoot the puck
42 A goalie's catcher
43 What a player wears to show their name and number
44 To drop the puck
45 Number of minutes per period
46 To keep the other team off the scoreboard
47 What a goalie wears on the hand that holds their stick
48 What keeps a player's head safe
1 To hit someone on the hands with a stick
2 A goal scored with the goalie pulled
3 To knock another player to the ice
5 A two minute penalty for placing a stick between another player's feet to knock them over
6 Cleans the ice
7 The line that marks the offensive or defensive zones
11 When a penalized team scores a point
13 The NHL's ultimate prize
15 What a player wears on their feet
19 A very hard shot
22 Also known as the 'sin bin'
24 The white surface players skate on
29 There are three of these in a hockey game
30 The referee blows this to stop play
31 An on-ice 'zebra'
34 Sixteen teams qualify for this 'second season'
38 To help score a goal
40 The space between a goalie's legs
41 A five-minute period played if teams are tied after 60 minutes of play
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