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Holiday Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 Children often leave this out for Santa to drink.
3 Commonly hung on front doors during the holidays.
5 8 branched candle stick used in Jewish holiday.
6 These types of fights are fun to have during the winter when the ground is white.
7 '_____ to the world...'
10 Giving expressions of joy to other people.
11 These are commonly hung by the fireplace.
13 Holiday created by a man named Maulana Karenga.
14 Popular holiday song: The ______ _____ Rock
15 Also known as the Festival of Lights.
16 The type of tree that people use for Christmas trees.
17 Some students hope for one of these so we can have a snow day.
18 Fill in the blank to this song:' ______ the snowman!'
19 Another one of Santa's names.
20 Celebrates a birth.
21 Each one of these are unique and can only be made when it's cold outside.
24 Popular red and white holiday candy.
26 Jewish history said they only had enough olive oil in the Holy Temple to burn for one day, but instead it burned for _______.
28 His red noes made him famous.
1 It is tradition to kiss if two people stand under this.
2 A selfish man who is unwilling to give or spend; appears in a popular holiday movie.
4 This is where the Holy Temple is located.
8 People hang these on Christmas trees.
9 A jolly man in red.
12 These houses are fun to make, and to eat!
15 Many animals do this during Winter.
22 Help make the toys in the North Pole.
23 Without them, Santa couldn't get his slay off the ground.
25 These are sung during the holidays.
27 Period extending from December 26th to January 4th.
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