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Christmas Crosswords

To view or print a Christmas crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
A Christmas Carol Main Character's Only Living Family Member. Main Character's old Boss. Setting of the Story. Bob Cratchit's Job. Main Character. Older Children
A Christmas Carol A soupy food substance. Not active or working. An act of generosity. To form somethin by the action you take. Another word for a person who is in a gloomy mood. Older Children
Christmas He comes and gives us presents every year (Two Words). This is the day before Christmas (Two Words). We leave this treat for Rudolph. These are under the tree for us Christmas morning. We decorate the Christmas tree with this. Older Children
Christmas A white blanket in the winter. A thing that some people do on holidays. An object that hangs and is used for kissing underneath it. A fat jolly guy that wears red and white. The holiday on December 25th. Older Children
Christmas Traditional Italian cake eaten at Christmas (9). London gets a wooden one each year from here (6). Surname of famous actor born in 1899 on Christmas day (6). Best selling Christmas hit (5&9). Always winter never Christmas here.(6). Hard
Christmas Santa's helpers that make toys.. White, fluffy, and falls from the sky.. What Santa says.. A yummy candy that is shaped like a cane.. What we put on top of our Christmas tree.. Older Children
Christmas star. wreath. SantaClaus. angel. gift. Easy
Christmas 'Dashing through the....'. Make banking convenient with _____ deposit!. 'You better not _____ I'm telling you why!'. Avoid overdraft fees with ______!. 'Oh what fun, it is to ride...'. Older Children
Christmas Santa's little helpers.. This led the three wise men to Jesus.. The white sheet on the ground which snowmen i made out of.. The main ingredient to a perfect Christmas roast is a bird.... Join your lover for a kiss under this.. Young Kids
Christmas The birth of person . Santa's Helpers. Something you leave out for Santa Claus. Popular drink. Father Christmas traditionally enters a house through. Big
Christmas Who makes presents?. On top of many Trees. Stripped candy treat. Jolly old guy. Bright Red Nose. Young Kids
Christmas on top of tree. long and shiny. jolly man in red suit. songs. gift. Young Kids
Christmas Santa comes into the house down this. Sometimes found on top of the Christmas tree. Santa says this. You will get kissed if you stand under this. You hang these on the Christmas tree. Young Kids
Christmas Sant's helpers.. Santa goes down this to get into children's houses. The toys are made here.. The sound bells make.. A shiny tree decoration. Very Difficult
Christmas I ring at Christmas Time. ...the red-nosed reindeer.. Decorations to hang on the Christmas Tree. The American name for Father Christmas. The big bag Father Christmas carries his presents in!. Young Kids
Christmas Red nosed reindeer (6). Winter weather (4). Decoration wrapped round the tree (6). He delivers presents on Christmas Eve (6,9). Meat eaten at Christmas dinner (6). Big
Christmas Fill in the blanks by using the clues. Things that jingle.. SAnta drinks it with cookies.. It is _______ Christmas eve night.. Cold white stuff that falls to the ground in winter.. Balls made out of snow.. Big
Christmas 3D thing hanging in my doorway. What season it is. White stuff that falls from the sky. Red and white holiday treat. My favorite Justin Bieber Christmas song. Older Children
Christmas words are going acros or down santa's main entry piont. this lead people to jesus. we put this on our christmas tree. christmas colour. special holy book. Big
Christmas Red and green plant. Who brings you presents?. What do friends get the whole class?. Traditional christmas meat?. White wings and halo?. Older Children
Christmas The leader of Santa's reindeer.. Santa climbs down a ------------------- to bring you your presents.. It shone brightly in the sky over the stable.. It falls from the sky when its cold.. We hang these on our tree.. Older Children
Christmas The name of the holiday after Christmas.. Delivers all the presents.. A general term for all special occasions.. What you open Christmas morning.. What you decorate and put the presents under. . Easy
Christmas another word for S.O.S (4). white flakes as forming a layer on the ground or other surface (4). a structure that shields against danger. a young person (8). SVP (2,7,2,4). Older Children
Christmas It shone over the stable in Bethlehem. Jesus' mother. Mr Claus' first name. They bought Jesus gifts. What we hope to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas day. Easy
Christmas something to make you warm. one of the coldest times. people do this before christmas. some put this on top of the tree. white cold stuff. Big
Christmas Solve the puzzle below. When done unscramble a word from the circled letters Silver _____. what makes wonderlands white. Green leaves. Use to get into walnuts. Jolly old elf. Easy
Christmas Around the World: Mexico Another name for 'party'.. The Christmas celebration in Mexico.. Where is Mexico located to the US? above, below, right, left. What language do they speak in Mexico?. The Christmas flower.. Older Children
Christmas Fun Follow the clues Found in the pudding 8. Make a gobbling noise 6. Yearly reading. period leading up to Christmas. Which saint`s day comes after Christmas day 7. Hard
Christmas in Japan Green plant also used for Christmas decoration. Santa Claus in Japan. Greeting card sent to friends on Christmas. A plant used as a Christmas decoration. Sweet, baked, breadlike food. . Hard
Christmas Movies Faith is believing in things when common sense tells us not too. . Every time a bell rings a angel just got wings. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal . Ba Humbug. I believe. Older Children
Christmas Puzzle Fill in the correct words to solve the Christmas puzzle They jingle on Santa's sleigh. The place where Jesus lay. They were watching their sheep when Jesus was born. The day Jesus was born. Santa's leading reindeer. Simple
Christmas Time The month of Christmas. Santa's little helpers. You are to celebrate this with these people. Red and white striped peppermint candy that can hang on the tree. Another word for present. Big
Christmas Traditions January 6. Rooster's mass. Special visit at 11pm from man in red. Nine days of prayer . Intricate sock pattern . Older Children
Christmas Tunes Which song’s second line begins with, “Led by the light of faith serenely beaming”?. In the 12 days of Christmas, what does Miss piggy want. On which ‘feast’ did Good King Wenceslas step out, according to the well-known hymn?. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, '...my true love brought to me nine...' what?. In the carol, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”, what (on your front door) is the prettiest sight to see?. Hard
Cristmas in UK Santa comes to homes through it. We send Christmas.......... We Wish You a .........Christmas. a typical meal for Christmas dinner . tubes of cardboard that look like sweets. Older Children
French Christmas Translate the English word or phrase into French Saint Nicolas. Merry Christmas. Christmas decoration. Christmas toy. Christmas eve. Hard
German Christmas Der Kleine Trommler. Lebkuchen (sweet bread). Stille Nacht. Wooden toy. Black, red, and orange. Older Children
Holiday Help make the toys in the North Pole.. Children often leave this out for Santa to drink.. Each one of these are unique and can only be made when it's cold outside.. Period extending from December 26th to January 4th.. The type of tree that people use for Christmas trees.. Hard
Holiday They work for Santa.. You hang these on your door.. You find presents under these.. He wears red clothes.. These are red and white.. Older Children
HOLIDAY CHEER Creche, the depiction of the birth of Jesus. Final season of the year. A circular band of foliage, typically hung for decoration. Frothy, creamy holiday beverage sometimes served with rum. Packed snow, shaped in a sphere, often thrown by children. Hard
Nativity what the kings followed. the animal Mary and Joseph rode on to get to bethlehem. the book in which this story is in.. the day jesus is born. often represented with halos. Easy
Santa Claus what is the drink that you give to santa?. what is the day before christmas?. what do you do before playing with your present?. what does santa give to bad boys and girls?. food that you can give to him?. Older Children
Special Holiday Drink left for someone. Can be very cold. Dancing in your head. Bright Planet. Women are apt to like to do this more than man. Big
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