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Holiday Cheer Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
7 Kissing often happens under this evergreen sprig
8 The northernmost point on the Earth (2 words)
9 12th month of the year
10 Frothy, creamy holiday beverage sometimes served with rum
11 Jolly Old St. Nick (2 words)
12 Packed snow, shaped in a sphere, often thrown by children
14 Blowing, white clusters of frozen ice crystals
15 A bauble used to adorn a tree
16 A warm, chocolatey drink often served with marshmallows
18 December 25th (2 words)
21 Charles Dickens' miser
23 A celebration honoring African heritage that begins on December 26th
24 Creche, the depiction of the birth of Jesus
1 The frame around a fireplace opening
2 A human shape made of packed snow
3 A gift, often wrapped in decorative papers
4 The shortest day of the year (2 words)
5 Baked treats in varieties such as sugar and chocolate chip
6 Final season of the year
13 A decoration made from twisted ribbon
16 The Jewish holiday also known as the Festival of Lights
17 A group of people performing joyful Christmas or religious songs
19 Dasher, Dancer Prancer or Vixen to name a few
20 A circular band of foliage, typically hung for decoration
22 Downhill or cross-country sport
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