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Hong Kong Historical Facts Crossword Puzzle

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Hong Kong Historical Facts

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Across Down
1 1276: The Emperor of the Song Dynasty, who was retreating from [1] hordes, is defeated and drowned himself in the waters of Hong Kong.
5 1990: Beijing formally ratifies Hong Kong's post-handover mini-constitution or the [9].
6 1841: When Hong Kong became part of Queen Victoria's dominions, foreign secretary [3] famously called Hong Kong a 'barren island with barely a house on it'.
8 1990: The [10] was approved to be the symbol of Hong Kong.
9 1989: The [8] got a $60 million overhaul and was upgraded to a microprocessor-controlled electric drive system; it is a system geographically very close to our school.
2 1977: [7], one of teh most famous tourist attractions nowadays, was formed by the Governor of Hong Kong Sir Murray MacLehose.
3 1973: The first new town in [6] was built in order to help relieve the city's housing crisis.
4 1950s: Hong Kong enjoyed economic rivival based on [5] industries, such as textiles.
7 1941: After attacking Pearl Harbour, the Japanese army invaded Hong Kong. Western citizens were interned in [4], while Chinese citizens were massared in large numbers.
9 1500s: European ships began arriving along China's southern coast. Driven by trade, the [2] were among the first to hit the scene in Hong Kong.
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