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Infant And Toddler Crossword Puzzle

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Infant and Toddler

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Across Down
1 During the first two months the baby will start to look BLANK.
7 BLANK cells produced at the end of the bone
9 Toddlers start to walk without help at BLANK
10 What is another name of the 'soft spot'
11 What gender tends to be shorter and lighter?
12 When should the baby be breast fed?
13 Baby learns how to crawl and develop leg muscles at how many moths
15 During what year is the baby triple the birth weight
2 This factor must take place between mother and newborn on an emotional level
3 Babies likes to take things BLANK
4 The baby is BLANK the birth weight by 6 months
5 What will become stronger with usage of arms and legs.
6 Babies will have how many bones when they're born
8 At how many months will the baby be able to learn how to use their arms, and how to grab toys
14 In what time period are the bones very soft
16 Babies will feel this when they receive attention.
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