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Intro TO Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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Intro to Psychology

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Across Down
9 awareness of yourself and the world around you
10 a medical doctor with training in mental illness
11 the branch of psychology which focuses on physical, emotional, cognitive, and social changes that occur over a lifetime
12 the idea that the mind and body are separate and distinct
13 the process of learning new behaviors or responses as a result of their consequences
14 a psychologist who studies how unconscious motives and conflicts determine human behavio
1 the branch of psychology which focuses on topics related to intelligence, memory, problem solving, and motivation with the goal of helping students learn more effectively
2 a psychologist who analyzes observable behavior and studies conditioning and reinforcement
3 an assumption about behavior tested through scientific research
4 a psychologist who applies psychological principles to the legal system
5 intense feelings directed toward the therapist that many clients experience in the process of therapy
6 an explanation about the relationship of two or more variables based on findings from scientific research
7 the branch of psychology which focuses on society and it's impact on the individual
8 the process of understanding oneself more completely and being aware of issues affecting one's life; self _____
10 break from reality, usually identified by hallucinations, delusions, and/or disorientation
14 the study of emotion, cognition, and behavior, and their interaction
15 having to do with the process of thinking and understanding
16 anything in the environment to which one responds
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